DIY – Gold hand jewelry stand

DIY - Gold hand jewelry stand

After my I found the base for my palmistry hand I also found another hand. This one is also from Ebay and it is a jewelry stand. It’s black when you buy it but when you spray paint it gold it looks amazing! How amazing does it look together with my palmistry hand? Hands should come in pairs, don’t you think so?


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DIY - Gold hand jewelry standDIY - Gold hand jewelry stand

Here you can find the hand before I spray painted it. Not very special. But the gold spray paint made this hand into a real conversation piece.

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    February 1, 2017 at 5:26 pm

    […] DIY – Gold hand jewelry stand – By Wilma. Framed Burlap Earring Holder {DIY} My 17 year old daughter wanted something to hang all her earrings on. I told myself I would make this for her for Christmas….but it didn't happen. I felt really bad about it. The other day she was bored, so I got out all the supplies and SHE (with my help) made this! I think she did such a fantastic job! We got the idea from here. She posts a nice tutorial. We made a few mistakes I have to tell you about. I offered to paint it for her (the second time). She did the rest. The flower stencils were Martha Stewart and she picked out exactly what she wanted and it turned out fabulous! […]

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