DIY – Garden herb markers

DIY - Garden herb markers

Yesterday it was the birthday of a friend of mine. He also just moved to a new apartment. Yesterday was the first time we went there so we needed a gift that was both a birthday present and a housewarming gift. He really loves cooking and because he has now a balcony right next to his kitchen I decided to give him a balcony planter with herbs. Of course I also needed some herb markers. This is how I made them!

Read the full instructions for these cute garden herb markers after the jump. . .

What you need for these garden herb markers

– paint stirring sticks
– paint
– pencil or marker
– small paint brush

DIY - Garden herb markers

How to create these cute garden herb markers

Freehand the name of your herbs on the paint stirring sticks. You could also use the technique I used when I made my inspirational quote sign. After that just trace your words with the paint brush. Put them close to your herbs and your done! XO Wilma

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