DIY – Flower cake Mother's Day gift

diy flower cake mother's day gift

I wanted to make something special for Mother’s Day this year. I found a wooden cake stand at the thrift store and I thought that this could be a perfect base for a flower a cake. A little bit different from the normal bouquet and a lot more personal! To make this cake I used a bouquet from the store and ivy from the garden.

Learn how to make this flower cake for Mother’s Day after the jump. . .

diy flower cake mother's day gift

What you need for this flower cake

– piece of floral foam, big enough for the cake
– a cake stand
– a bouquet or flowers from the garden
– ivy
– ribbon
– knife
– hot glue gun
– nails with big heads
– scissors

diy flower cake mother's day gift

How to make this beautiful flower cake

Cut the floral foam in the shape of your cake. If you can’t find a piece of floral foam that is big enough, like me, you can use two smaller pieces. To cut a perfect round shape just lay a plate upside down on top of the foam and cut around it. Let the floral foam soak in water for 30 minutes. Take your glue gun and glue the nails with the big head on the cake stand. This way your flower cake will not move. Put the floral foam on top of the nails.  Use the scissors to cut of the heads of the flowers. You only need about one inch of stem for this flower cake. Start in the middle of your cake with the flowers. Just stick the stem in the floral foam. Repeat until the top of your cake and about an inch of the top of the side is covered with flowers. Stick the ivy around the cake into the foam. Finish the flower cake with a ribbon. I used a few little dot’s of hot glue to let it stay in place. And your beautiful flower cake is ready!


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