DIY – Felt necklace

diy felt necklace

I absolutely love the look of felt. Besides that, it’s also a material which is really easy to work with. This necklace is made with felt and I love the look of it.

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What you need

– interfacing
– felt
– a chain necklace
– iron
– scissors
template (pdf file)
– pen
– hole punch

How to make it

Cut out the template and place it on your felt. Cut out a piece of felt that is a little bit bigger then your template. Place a piece of interfacing in the same size as your piece of felt on top of it and iron on. Place the template on top of the interfacing and trace it with the pen. Cut out the necklace. To make the holes just fold the fabric and cut the circles freehand. This gives the necklace a nice natural look. Punch two little holes for the chain necklace and put everything together.

DIY, Fashion

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