DIY – Fabric covered picture frame

DIY - Fabric covered picture frame

I have a lot of old picture frames lying around that I can’t paint. And with can’t I mean that I did try to paint them but for some reason the paint keeps turning orange. It’s mixing with the ‘stuff’ (whatever it is) that gives the frame a wood print. I don’t want to trow them away so I thought of something to go around this painting problem. This DIY project is a quick and easy way to spice up those old and unwanted picture frames!

Learn how to make fabric covered picture frames after the jump. . .

What you need for fabric covered picture frames

– fabric
– scissors
– Mod Podge
– glue brush
– an old frame

DIY - Fabric covered picture frame

How to make this cute fabric covered picture frame

First you need to cut strips from your fabric. You could use some left over fabric if you want. Remove the glass picture frame so you are left whit the frame only. Brush some Mod Podge on the back and the front of your picture frame and start wrapping the fabric around the frame. You can fold the fabric over in corners and glue down with the Mod Podge, or use scissors to cut the fabric in the right shape and glue down. Put the glass back in the frame before the Mod Podge dries completely. When the Mod Podge is dry you can use your frame in the normal way!


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