DIY – Easter bunny pouch / gift bag

DIY - Easter bunny pouch / gift bag

I thought it would be a great idea to make a pouch for Easter. It is great as a gift bag with chocolate or candy eggs inside! It’s also great for kids to carry around while searching for hidden eggs. I made this from one of the vintage fabrics that I bought yesterday. It’s a very easy thing to make and your guest will love this cute Easter bunny pouch as a gift bag!

Learn how to make this Easter bunny pouch in an easy step by step tutorial after the jump. . .

What you need for an Easter bunny pouch / gift bag

Easter bunny pouch / gift bag template (click to download the pdf-file)
– two different colors /prints of fabric
– 16 inch of ribbon (I used the seam of the fabric pillowcase)
– two buttons for the eyes of your Easter bunny
– sewing machine or thread and needle
– pins
– scissor


– Easter egg candy to fill your gift bag

DIY - Easter bunny pouch / gift bag tutorial

How to make this cute Easter bunny pouch / gift bag

  1. Cut out the template and pin it on the fabric. You need two rectangles for the body, two ears in the same color as the body and two ears in a different fabric. Cut out your pieces leaving room for seam allowance.
  2. Cut a Easter bunny nose out of the contrasting fabric that you used for the ears. When you fold your fabric in half it’s easier to get it symmetrical. Sew the nose on the front panel of your pouch. Sew on the buttons to make eyes.
  3. Pin the ears together. For each ear you need one piece of each of the fabrics. Place them with the front facing each other. Sew around and turn the ears inside out. Pin the ears on the front panel of your pouch as shown in the picture, around 2 inches below the top. Place the back panel with the front down one on top of it and pin down. Start sewing at the top of your pouch on the left all the way around until you finished sewing the ear. That means you stop sewing around 2 inches below the top of the pouch.
  4. fold over the top of your bag as shown in the picture and pin down. Sew around to create a tube.
  5. Turn your Easter bunny pouch inside out. Use a safety pin to pull the ribbon trough the tube.
  6. Now you can fill the bag and close it with your ribbon.

Ain’t that cute? XO Wilma


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