DIY – Doodle shoes

diy doodle shoes after

Some time ago I bought these white sneakers. They were really cheap and I thought I could do something cool with it. I didn’t had an idea for them at that moment but I just knew they were going to be fabulous! When I was going true some stuff of mine I found a new textile marker and the idea was born: DIY doodle shoes! Why not? It’s fun, it’s cheap and it’s easy!

Learn how to make these fabulous DIY doodle shoes after the jump. . .

diy doodle shoes before

What you need for these DIY doodle shoes

– white shoes
– black textile marker
– optional: new shoe laces

diy doodle shoes after

How to make DIY doodle shoes

The instructions are really simple: just doodle! If you are not sure about your doodles you can practice on paper first before you draw on your shoes. My textile marker was just enough for two shoes, so if you have higher shoes then mine you may need an extra textile marker. I also replaced the white shoe laces with some black ones.

Tip: use colored markers for a more colorful result!

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