DIY – Doodle Easter egg

Doodle Easter egg DIY Project

When I thought about what to do with this years Easter eggs I knew I wanted to try a doodle Easter egg. It’s fun, easy and looks really cool. You don’t really have to be a great drawer to make these. With just a few tips and tricks everyone can make a doodle Easter egg. Or anything ells filled with doodles for that matter.

What you need for doodle Easter eggs

– Permanent marker
– Blown out or hard boiled eggs

Doodle Easter egg DIY Project

How to make doodle Easter eggs

Doodling really isn’t hard to do, even if you are not a great drawer. Here are a few tips to create great looking doodle Easter eggs:

1. Choose two or three basic shapes. As you can see my egg is mainly filled with the image of one flower and a leaf repeated all over the egg. If you choose just a few basic shapes your design will get a consistent look.

2. Fill up the egg enthirely with the basic shapes. Don’t worry about holes just yet.

3. Now tackle the holes in your design. Again; just choose one or two ways to fill the openings. I doodled swirls and dots. In the end your egg will have just 4 or 5 different shapes drawn on it. This gives a consistent but really pretty look!

Now go grab an egg and start doodling! XO Wilma

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    April 8, 2014 at 5:47 pm

    Hey there! This is super fab! Thanks for sharing the tips too. Im no drawer or doodler l. I’ll give this a shot anyway. Glad to find your blog, through Craft Gawker byw. Thanks again.

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