DIY – Decorative deer plate

DIY - Decorative deer plate

Today I’m going to share with you a really simple project. This plate is made with a vintage plate and contact paper. It’s easy to make and if you want a different image it’s also very easy to change. Of course you could also do this with other images. But if you want to use the deer: I included a image of the deer I have drawn for this project.

Learn how to make this decorative deer plate after the jump. . . 

DIY - Decorative deer plate

What you need for this project

– silhouette of an image you like on paper (or use the deer image above)
– vintage plate
– contact paper in the color of your choice (I used gold)
– pen
– scissors

DIY - Decorative deer plate

How to create a decorative deer plate

1. Scale the image to the size that is perfect for your plate. You can do this on your computer if you use an image you found online. Copy the image to Word and scale it until you reach the right size. If you draw your image by hand you can draw it in the right scale right away.
2. Cut out your image.
3./4. Trace around your image on the contact paper. If you want your contact paper to be the same shape as your drawing you have to put your drawing upside down and trace around it.
5. Cut out the contact paper.
6. Remove the backing of your contact paper and place the deer on your plate. Make sure your plate is completely clean before you do this! XO Wilma

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