DIY – Chevron friendship bracelet

DIY - Chevron friendship bracelet tutorial

I wanted to make a friendship bracelet for a long time. I just didn’t get around to really do it. It’s just so much work! But I thought it was time to finally make one. Because of my love for the chevron pattern I decided to make a chevron friendship bracelet. I also added a metal toggle closure clasp. I love to be able to take the bracelets of easily. It also makes the bracelet a little more sophisticated. I absolutely love how it turned out!

Learn how to make a chevron friendship bracelet after the jump. . .

What you need for a chevron friendship bracelet

– cotton yarn in five different shades, you can use more or less colors. If you use less colors you might want to add more strings of cotton of one color. The more strings, the wider your bracelet.
toggle clasp closure
– two fold over clamps
– jewelry pliers
– a small piece of chain
– three small jump rings
– tape
– scissors

DIY - Chevron friendship bracelet tutorial

How to make this chevron friendship bracelet 

1. Choose your colors of cotton yarn. I used five different colors for my bracelet. You could use more or less colors if you want to. The more strings you have the wider your bracelet will be. So if you want to use just two colors you have to use more strings of each color to make the bracelet wide enough. Cut from each color a string of about a meter long.
2. Make a knot in the middle of the string wit a loop above it. Tape this to the floor or a table. Arrange your strings beginning en ending with the same color. In the middle you will have the same color next to each other.
3. Make a knot with the string most left over the string on the right next to it. Make another knot with the same thread over the string right next to that one until you reach the middle of the bracelet. You will know have made a knot over all of the strings on the left side.
4. Do the same on the right side.
5. Make a knot with both of the strings you just used to make all of the knots. Now you have to start with step 2 again with the color who is now on the most left and the most right. Repeat this knotting until your bracelet is long enough to almost fit your arm. You can leave it a little shorter because of the clasp and chain you will attach to it.
6. Cut of the ends in a strait line.
7. Use your jewelry pliers to attach the fold over clamps on both sides.
8. Attach your chain and clasp. The round piece can be attached directly to the clamps. Between the other piece and the clamp you need a little bit of chain. Other wise you will not be able to close the clasp.
9. Your new chevron friendship bracelet is ready to wear! XO Wilma

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