DIY – Cake stands

DIY - Cake stands

These lovely cake stands look great for a party or a wedding. You need some sort of base and a plate from the thriftstore. A beautiful recycling project!

For some reason I have a weakness for glue. I love mod podge and I adore glue guns. This week I visited a market for interior builders. And I have found a glue that sounded and looked just amazing! So I bought it. It was 12 Euro’s for a small bottle, but I couldn’t resist! I needed to make a craft with this glue right away. So this cake stands are made with that glue. Offcourse you could use a different glue that is suitable for porseline to.

Read the instructions after the jump. . .

DIY - Cake stands

What you need

– a plate
– some sort of base (a candle holder or drinking glass)
– glue (suitable for ceramics) I used Magnumbond
– spray paint in a color of your choice
– spray paint primer
– old newspaper

cake stand before

How to make it

You can find a lot of things in thrift stores that are suitable as a base for your cake stand. You could look for drinking glasses, vases and candle holders. Give everything a good clean, it should be dust and fat free. Glue the base to the plate. Place everything outside on an old newspaper and spraypaint the whole thing with the spray paint primer. When everything is covered and dried spray paint the cake stand in the color of your choice. When everything is dry, you cake stands are ready to be used!

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