DIY – Braided wrap bracelet

DIY - Easy to make braided bracelet. @ By Wilma

There was a time my arms where filled with bracelets. But lately I don’t wear them that much. Now I’m back in the game, starting with this cute braided wrap bracelet. And I promise there will be more bracelet tutorials to follow!

Find the full tutorial of this braided wrap bracelet including pictures after the jump . . .

What you need for this cute braided wrap bracelet

– a chain necklace
– ribbon in three different colors. One has to be smaller then the other two
– scissors
– textile glue

DIY - Easy to make braided bracelet. @ By Wilma

How to make this braided wrap bracelet

1. Chooses the ribbon for this project.
2. Cut a hole in the two wider pieces of ribbon and put the smaller ribbon trough it.
3. Secure the ribbon at the end of the necklace by putting it trough the jump ring and making a knot. Cut off the excess ribbon.
4. Use one of the wider ribbons to wrap around the knot. Secure with some textile glue. Now you can start braiding.
5. When your at the end of the chain necklace you have to create two small holes in the bigger pieces of ribbon. Cut off one of the bigger pieces above the hole, cut the other one about an inch above the hole. Put the smaller piece of ribbon through the holes and put the ribbon trough the jump ring on the end of the chain and make a knot to secure. Cut of the smaller ribbon.
6. Wrap the left over ribbon over the knot and secure the ends with some textile glue.
7. And your braided wrap bracelet is ready to wear! XO, Wilma

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