DIY – Bleach painted shirt

diy - bleach shirt

I bought a black t-shirt for my boyfriend with the intention to make something cool with it. I thought it would be great to create something with bleach. He is a big fan of the Foo Fighters so when I asked him what kind of t-shirt he wanted he asked for a Foo Fighters shirt. The splatters of bleach around the logo make that it looks like it’s drawn in light.

See the full instructions including pictures from this bleach shirt after the jump. . .

What you need for this DIY bleach shirt

– a shirt
– bleach
– freezer paper
– some kind of logo or image
– paint brush
– an iron

diy - bleach shirt how to

How to make a bleach painted shirt 

1. Print or draw your image or logo on the back of the freezer paper and cut out.
2. With the shiny side down, iron the freezer paper onto the shirt.
3. Put some bleach in a small bowl and fill in the stencil with the bleach.
4. Remove the freezer paper and splash some extra bleach around the drawing.
5. Wash the t-shirt. Don’t wait to long with this! Bleach can make holes in your t-shirt if you wait to long! When your shirt is dry it’s ready to wear.

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