Washi tape marathon day 9: DIY tea cups

washi tape marathon day 9: tea cups!

We are at day 9 of our washi tape marathon. Just one more day to go! Today I want to show you a simple and fun way to make your tea party even more fun. These washi tape tea cups also comes in handy if you have a lot of the same tea cups!

Learn how to make these cute washi tape tea cups after the jump. . .

What you need for washi tape tea cups

– washi tape
– scissors
– vintage tea cups

washi tape marathon day 9: tea cups!

How to make washi tape tea cups

1. This is such an easy craft. All you need are some cute vintage tea cups and some washi tape. You can find a lot of cute vintage tea cups at the thrift store. Who cares that it is a mismatch? I like mismatching tea cups!

2. Wrap the washi tape around your tea cups.

3. Make a pattern on your plates with the washi tape.

4. And your tea cups are ready for a tea party! XO Wilma


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