Washi tape marathon day 2: DIY heart shaped cupcake toppers

Washi tape marathon day 2: Cupcake toppers

Today is the second day of the 10 day washi tape marathon! Do you want to give a chocolate cupcake or muffin to your lover? These cupcake toppers would make them look even more delicious. OK, let’s be honest, my boyfriend couldn’t really wait until I made the cupcake toppers. ‘Do you really need both cupcakes?’ Was his question. Well yes, they look a lot cuter together in the picture don’t you think? 😉

Learn how to make these cute DIY washi tape cupcake toppers after the jump. . .

What you need for DIY washi tape cupcake toppers

– washi tape
– thick paper
– small wood skewers
– scissors
– Mod Podge
– paint brush
– pencil

Washi tape marathon day 2: Cupcake toppers

How to make DIY washi tape cupcake toppers

1. Fold the paper and cut out a heart shape.

2. Trace around the heart shape on your paper. Keep the fold, you will need two hearts for each cupcake topper.

3. Put the washi tape on top of the hearts. You could also put it on the back of the paper but washi tape is see trough so on top of it will be fine. Put the same amount of washi tape on the other side of the fold (see picture).

4. Keep the paper folded and cut out the hearts. This way you will cut out two hearts at once.

5. Use a little piece of washi tape to attach the back of one of the hearts to a wood skewer. Use a paint brush to put Mod Podge on the back of the other heart and put the two together.

6. When the Mod Podge is dry you can use your new washi tape cupcake toppers on your cupcake! XO Wilma

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