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DIY – Seashell string lights

DIY - Seashell string lightsDIY - Seashell string lights

When you come home from a beach holiday with a bag full of seashells, you don’t always know what to do with them. But I promise; there are so many beautiful things you can do with them. These seashell string lights for instant are perfect for a bohemian or beach themed interior. They are really simple to make with shells that you found on your last holiday (or in the store of course).

Learn how to make these seashell string lights after the jump. . . Read More »

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DIY – Teacup cactus planter

DIY - Teacup cactus planterI absolutely adore vintage teacups. They are just so cute. The only problem is: I like my tea in mugs. I mean: how much tea fits into these small teacups? Luckily there are more uses for these cute little teacups than just drinking tea. You could make these cute little teacup cactus planters for instance! Read More »

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Shopping for plants

plant shopping

Today I went shopping for some plants for the bedroom. I love to have some plants there, it makes it so much more alive! I also wanted some small colorful cactus. I found everything and I am so happy with how everything looks in my home! It’s coming more and more together.

plant shoppingplant shopping

I never was able to keep plants alive, but lately I’m doing much better. I still like to buy plants who don’t mind it when I forget them though… Do you have a lot of plants in your home? XO Wilma