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DIY – Crescent moon hair comb

DIY - Crescent moon hair comb

Another moon project! This one is really simple. You don’t even have to create the moon shape! I used a glow in the dark moon from the dollar store for this project. A super fast and super cute project that everyone can make!


Learn how to make a crescent moon hair comb after the jump. . .

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DIY – Bracelet from leather belt

DIY - Bracelet from a recycled belt

DIY - Bracelet from a recycled belt

Some of my favorite thrift store items are belts. They can be amazing in detail and just perfect as it is, or they can be a base for an amazing DIY project. Especially when the ends (where the holes are) are worn out or maybe even broken. This bracelet is made with such a broken belt. A really great recycling project!

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DIY – Boot jewelry

Boho boot belt diy

I found them at the shoe store a little while ago: boot jewelry. I instantly fall in love with them. Until I saw the price… So I left without those pretty things (sad face). But I thought this would be a great DIY. Besides, why should you buy them if you can make them, a lot cheaper, yourself?

Boho boot belt diy

What I really like about these belts / jewelry is that you can give a basic boot a complete new look. You could create more than one style, so you can change the look of your boots daily without buying new ones. They are a lot of fun to make, so make as many as you like! What more do you want?

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DIY – Easy belt makeover

A super simple DIY way to create a cute belt

The belt I used for this project was something I bought on sale. The fluorescent pink was way to bright to my taste, but I loved the rest of the belt. So I thought I could give it an easy makeover. You could use this ‘technique’ for almost every belt, and it makes it instant fab!

Learn how to do this easy belt makeover after the jump. . .
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Advertorial – Firmoo glasses

Firmoo glassesFirmoo glasses

Do you remember those times that wearing glasses was just not cool? Well that time is long gone. Glasses are the perfect accessories nowadays. Even if you don’t need them for proscription reasons, you could still wear them to make a fashion statement. is a great place to buy glasses. They have a big selection of great fashionable eyewear plus they are really cheap! The most expensive ones I saw on Firmoo where just $56. That’s pretty cheap isn’t it? When you order the glasses they ask for your prescription information. Most glasses are included in the price, but you can always get extra options. Still not convinced? Firmoo has a great First Pair Free program running. You just need to pay shipping! 

Firmoo glasses

Want to know my experience with Firmoo? Or do you want a $30 voucher code for a new pair of glasses? Read on after the jump. . . Read More »

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DIY – Wood bracelet with 'silver inlay'

A great DIY on how to make a wooden bracelet with 'silver inlay'

Okay, it’s obviously not real silver in this ‘wood’ bracelet. But you have to admit that it looks like it! I decided to give a bracelet with wood-print a makeover with silver duct tape. This looks like the wood has a silver inlay. Of course you could also take a real wood bracelet for this DIY, but I had this one with wood-print still lying around. I really like the result and I’m sure I will wear this bracelet very often!

Read on to see how to make this wood bracelet with ‘silver inlay’. . .

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DIY – Duct Tape bracelets

These cute duct tape bracelets are super easy to make. With DIY video!

I thought, I’d give my DIY project for today a little different approach. This time I have a DIY for you that is not shown in pictures but in a video. And yes, that’s the first video on By Wilma! I’ve been thinking about this for a while but wasn’t sure whether I should do it or not. But sometimes you just have to try. So today I have a DIY for duct tape bracelets for you in video!

Find the video on how to make duct tape bracelets after the jump. . .

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