Before I turn 28…

before I turn 28

I just put op my bucket list on this blog. Last week I turned 27 and I thought it would be a good idea to create a list with goals for this year only! I saw this idea on Elsie Larsons ‘A Beautiful Mess’ blog and on Amanda Wrights ‘Wit & Whistle’ blog. So this is my list of things I want to do before I’m 28. Some things are on my bucket list to, some are just for this year. So here we go!

Read my list after the jump. . .

1. Making this blog a succes
2. Open a shop
3. Move to a bigger home
4. Build a pizza oven
5. Learn better photography
6. Grow my own vegetables
7. Being my own boss
8. Travel to Italy
9. Decorate my new home
10. Own a store
11. Learn better handwriting
12. Practice painting
13. Loosing 20 pounds
14. Bake bread
15. Learn to decorate cupcakes
16. Organise a garden party
17. Design a jewelry line
18. Design tableware
19. Design postcards
20. Create a beautiful workplace