DIY – Jersey baby pants!

jersey baby pants diy

Now that I have a little more energy I am starting to finally make things for our little one. This is the part of pregnancy that I was most looking forward to. I love to make things for the baby. It’s great to have something in your hands that is going be used later for or by the baby. These cute baby pants from jersey fabric are one of the first things I have made. Aren’t they cute?

Learn how to make these cute jersey baby pants after the jump. . .

I used a pattern that you can download for free from Made By Rae. I absolutely love this pattern. It’s really easy to follow and your little newborn pants are ready in no time! Rae uses coton fabric but I personaly like the look and feel of jersey and sweat fabric so those were the fabrics I made my pants in. You could also use an old pair of sweat pants or a t-shirt to make these baby pants. You really don’t need that much fabric. XO Wilma

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