What I wore – a pretty boho dress by Zaful

What I wore - A pretty bohemian dress from Zaful What I wore - A pretty bohemian dress from Zaful

Dress: Zaful
Necklace: Ebay
Bracelets: Forever21
Rings: Primark and Larimar Bliss

I love long bohemian style summer dresses. I just can’t get enough of them. I love how they flow, I love the colors and (floral) prints and I love how I can look great by just putting on one item of clothing. So when Zaful asked me to review one of their clothes or accessories I didn’t have to think long (or hard). I wanted a pretty, long bohemian summer dress. I choose this pretty high waisted maxi dress because I just loved the color and the bohemian print.

Zaful offers really cheap clothing so I didn’t really know what to expect of the dress. I love brands like Forever21, Boohoo and Newlook, but I never ordered anything from a Chinese company. I normally where a size medium, but a European size medium is a lot different than an Asian size Medium. Luckily Zaful offers size guides so you can find the size you need. I did order the biggest size (a XL) for this dress, but I did see that the sizes are varying a lot per clothing item, so you have to check the size guides every time you want to buy something.

What I wore - A pretty bohemian dress from Zaful

The quality of the dress is better than I expected. Of course, it’s a cheap dress, so no expensive fabrics here. And the fabric wrinkles easily. But what can you expect of a really cheap dress? I love the look of the dress, it really is very pretty and the print is absolutely stunning!

What I wore - A pretty bohemian dress from Zaful

Would I buy again from Zaful? I might. I found the sizing very confusing, but the quality of the dress is pretty decent. Certainly for this price category. Plus they have a lot of pretty bohemian style dresses (there is a full bohemian dresses category!). So I am tempted to buy one in the future!

Have you ever bought something from Zaful? What was your experience? XO Wilma

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