Pretty Larimar jewelry by Larimar Bliss

Larimar BlissLarimar BlissI really believe in the power of gemstones, so when Larimar Bliss asked me if I wanted to review one of there beautiful jewels I had to say yes. I have always been a big fan of turquoise stones, but larimar is even prettier! I love the blue color. It’s a little bit softer in color than most turquoise stones. I also love all the meaning behind the stones.

Besides that it’s a stunning stone Larimar should also connect you with the Devine feminine energie. It should calm you and relieves stress. Something I could really use right now. I also learned that, according to Crystal Vaults, it’s my natural birthstone. I have been wearing the ring a lot. And I’m not sure if I feel any different because I don’t know how I would have felt without the stone. But I will keep wearing it, it might need some time.
Larimar Bliss

Larimar Bliss offers many beautiful jewelry pieces. They have rings, pendants, earrings and the most stunning bracelets (really you should check them out, they are soooo pretty!). All made in sterling silver with a beautiful Larimar stone.

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