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September 2012

Recipe – Garlic and herb butter

Recipe - Garlic and herb butter

This recipe is a classic. It’s really simple to make but it tastes ten times better than store bought garlic butter. The herbs are growing in my garden and garlic is something I always have laying around so I make this butter often. I never use a lot of garlic because I don’t want it to dominate the taste, but you can adapt the recipe if you want to.

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Designed By Wilma – Etsy shop online + giveaway!!

Designed By Wilma - Etsy Shop Online!

I proudly present to you my new Etsy shop! Lately I’ve been working hard on these prints and I really love how they turned out. I wanted to do something with quotes because they inspire me. I now have fifteen inspirational quotes surrounded with my artwork online. All posters are printed on 160 grams A3 (11.7 × 16.5 inch) paper and are signed and dated.

Of course this new Etsy shop comes with a giveaway. I’m offering two lucky readers a print from the “Designed By Wilma” Etsy shop!

How to Enter: 

Visit the “Designed By Wilma” Etsy shop, and tell me in a comment which print is your favorite, along with your email. Like By Wilma on Facebook.This giveaway will be open until 12:00 pm, Tuesday, September 18, and the winner will be announced shortly after. Good luck! XO Wilma

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Styled – Aqua and red

In Style - Aqua and red. Fashion lookIn Style - Aqua and red. Fashion lookIn Style - Aqua and red. Fashion look

We went for a walk today in our new neighborhood. We wanted to do this since the first day we’ve got here but we just never got around to do it. It’s pretty nice around here. There is a lot of water so we may want a small boat some day. It would be lovely for summerdays! Maybe next year… Do you have ‘Maybe next year’ plans? XO Wilma

Blouse: Vero Moda / Trousers: C&A / Blazer: Royal Chicks / Necklace: Kijkshop / Shoes: Sacha


DIY – Vintage button bracelet

DIY - Vintage button bracelet

A little while ago I found two jars full of vintage buttons at the thrift store. Some of them are really beautiful and they were just asking for a DIY project to get used in. So I decided to make a vintage button bracelet.

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Recipe – Homemade tortilla wraps

recipe - homemade tortilla wraps

I love wrap tortillas because they are delicious and easy to make. But sometimes I like to make those simple store bought things myself. The recipe isn’t hard to do but it take some time to make them. I love the taste of it. They taste a lot more natural comparing to the store bought ones.

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DIY – An easy way to Mod Podge your shoes with fabric

How to Mod Podge fabric on your shoes. An easy way to get the pattern for the fabric just right! @ By Wilma

I have a pair of black pumps that are really comfortable. Because of that I wear them a lot and oh boy that’s visible… I can’t trow them away, they are to comfy! But I can’t really wear them anymore ether. Don’t we all have a pair of shoes like this? I decided it was time for a makeover. For the shoes I used some vintage fabric and the heel is covered with fake leather. I developed a really easy technique on how to make a pattern for your fabric. So, let’s get started! XO Wilma

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Recipe – Shoarma and spinach from the oven

Recipe - Shoarma and spinach from the oven

This dish is one of my favorites to make. It’s really simple and everybody loves it! I think this is the first thing I ever cooked for my boyfriend. When shoarma (marinaded pork strips) is on sale I always make this dish. I make the sauce myself, but my mother always buys a package of white sauce. It works both ways. I hope you like this recipe! XO Wilma

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