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July 2012

In the middle of moving


I’m in the middle of moving right now. We have to do so much! We are the second occupants of this house. The people who lived here before us have been there for 47 years! And they were smokers. Heavy smokers. So the living room and kitchen were yellow. Dark, disgusting yellow. There are four different types of floors downstairs and five on the first floor. So every room has it’s own floor. From all the nine floors I like one. So we have to do a lot! But it doesn’t matter. Because the house is fantastic! It has a large garden and it’s a really nice neighborhood. We have room for everything we want. I think we are going to have a really good time here!

The next busy weeks I will try to post as much as possible but I may have to skip a few days. I hope you understand! XO Wilma


Recipe – Real easy lunch noodles

easy lunch noodles recipe

This noodle recipe is something I love to make for a quick lunch. I use just four ingredients to make this, but it tastes delicious! What is your favorite noodle recipe?

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Fashion – Pretty in green outfit

pretty in green fashion 2012

Green is one of my favorite colors to wear. I think that it looks great with my blond hair and pail skin. White is also a ‘color’ that I really like. But I don’t want to wear to much of it. Why? Well… I’m too messy. Yes I know I’m twenty seven, I should know better. But I always get stains in my clothes. It’s frustrating. This outfit has a wonderful shade of green and of course white. And I love it! What do you think? XO Wilma

1. Jewelry Fashions Stripe Bangles from Nordstrom.
2. Rubber Turnlock Bracelet from Marc Jacobs.
3. Petite Green Chambray Blouse from Wall is Fashion.
4. Rare London Flower Crochet Shorts from Rare London.
5. Slot Through Envelope Clutch from Asos.
6. Nicholas Kirkwood Suede Platform Peep-Toes  from My Theresa.



DIY – Washi tape chopsticks

washi tape chopsticks

Why should you eat your noodles with plain chopsticks? It’s so easy to create cute personal chopsticks. These are great for a party or just for fun. I made them with washi tape and some cheap dollar store chopsticks

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DIY – Braided wrap bracelet

DIY - Easy to make braided bracelet. @ By Wilma

There was a time my arms where filled with bracelets. But lately I don’t wear them that much. Now I’m back in the game, starting with this cute braided wrap bracelet. And I promise there will be more bracelet tutorials to follow!

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DIY, Fashion, Jewelry

DIY – Anthropologie inspired monogrammed mugs

DIY - Anthropologie inspired monogrammed mugs

When I first saw the monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie I immediately fell in love. I just needed to have them for my home. But then I thought it would be way cooler to make them myself. It’s a great recycling project for thrifted white mugs. Besides that I absolutely love the fact that the mugs are different sizes and that you can see that the letters are drawn by hand. It makes it so much more personal! This ‘home’ mugs are coming on display in my new home!

Learn how to make these cute Anthropologie inspired monogrammed mugs after the jump. . . Read More »

DIY, Interior Design

Big artwork with vintage teapot

artwork vintage teapot

I want a lot of white with splashes of color in my new interior. In order to do so I felt like I needed some colorful artwork. I bought two big canvasses  for the living room to get started. Because I love vintage tableware I decided to paint a big teapot on my first canvas. This teapot is kind of inspired on the Cathrineholm teapot. Not exactly the same, just inspired. I love how the colors turned out! The next painting is going to be all about teacups and is going to hang next to this one.

What do you think about this first painting? XOXO Wilma

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