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March 2012

DIY – Cake stands

DIY - Cake stands

These lovely cake stands look great for a party or a wedding. You need some sort of base and a plate from the thriftstore. A beautiful recycling project!

For some reason I have a weakness for glue. I love mod podge and I adore glue guns. This week I visited a market for interior builders. And I have found a glue that sounded and looked just amazing! So I bought it. It was 12 Euro’s for a small bottle, but I couldn’t resist! I needed to make a craft with this glue right away. So this cake stands are made with that glue. Offcourse you could use a different glue that is suitable for porseline to.

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Before I turn 28…

before I turn 28

I just put op my bucket list on this blog. Last week I turned 27 and I thought it would be a good idea to create a list with goals for this year only! I saw this idea on Elsie Larsons ‘A Beautiful Mess’ blog and on Amanda Wrights ‘Wit & Whistle’ blog. So this is my list of things I want to do before I’m 28. Some things are on my bucket list to, some are just for this year. So here we go!

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DIY – Recycled tin vases

diy - recycled tin vases

Thrift stores are selling the most beautiful tins. Vintage, new, Chinese or local, you can find so many beautiful tins in there! You could place them on a shelf and display them. Or you could make them into beautiful little vases. This would be great for centerpieces to!

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Recipe – Easy apple pie smoothie

recipe easy apple pie smoothie

I love apple pies and I love smoothies. So why not combine the two? This apple pie smoothie tastes exactly like a real apple pie. Best of all: you can make it in under a minute!

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DIY – Fabric flower shoe clips

DIY - Fabric flower shoe clips

I found a pair of clip earrings in the thrift store and I wanted to make something beautiful with them. Clip earrings are perfect as a base for shoe clips. So, that’s what my earrings are going to be: pretty shoe clips with fabric flowers on them!

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DIY – Painted bottles

diy painted bottles

Old whiskey bottles are really pretty to see, but I love them even more when they have a little bit of color. These bottle look really cute and they are extremely easy to make. Also, if you have a color scheme in your house and you want matching accessories, you could easily make a few of these pretty bottles in the right color.

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DIY – 'Lace' pillow case

diy lace pillow

Thrift stores are full of lace curtains right now. I’m absolutely not suggesting you should use them as window dressing again, but there are other options! What about making some cute pillow cases?

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