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March 2012

DIY – Soda can earrings

diy soda can earrings

These earrings are made from recycled soda cans. I love to recycle and craft new stuff with ‘junk’. I think these earrings turned out pretty nice. I painted them white, but you can paint them in any color you want. Can you still see a soda can in these pretty earrings?

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DIY – Coin ring

diy coin ring

This craft will literally cost you just a view cents. In the Netherlands we don’t use one and two Euro cent coins. Except for one store. So when you went to that store you’ve got those coins you can’t use any where else. I thought I could make a nice craft with them. This ring is made with two one cent coins and one two cent coin.

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Dime the tiger

Dime the tiger

I already introduced you to my two sweet little cats. But they aren’t always that cute. This picture of Dime proves just that! He looks like he’s going to eat me for breakfast. Actually, he was yawning. But who cares? It’s a pretty bad ass picture of him, don’t you think? I absolutely love this picture!

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Recipe – Oreo cookie and chocolate ice cream

recipe oreo cookie and chocolate ice cream

Who doesn’t love Oreo cookies? I love the taste of them! Especially combined with chocolate. The weather here is great at the moment, so I decided to make some ice cream. I didn’t want to be in the kitchen for a long time, so I decided to use a store bought vanilla ice cream as a base. For my birthday I’ve got a kitchen machine, so I thought this would be a great quick project to test the machine!

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Recipe – Microwave potato chips

recipe microwave potato chips

Do you know those moments that you really need a snack, but you don’t have anything in your home to eat? Or at least nothing that makes your ‘snack hunger’ go away… I certainly know that feeling. At those moments I like to make myself some delicious microwave potato chips. Potatoes are something I always have in my house. This recipe is really easy and makes delicious and healthy potato chips!

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DIY – 'Love' wire necklace

diy - love wire necklace

A while ago the shops were filled with them: Simple bead necklaces. These bead necklaces are usually made from a string with beads attached to them. Really  handy because when it breaks you won’t have beads all over the place! There is a downside. Fixing your necklace can be a  very difficult job. Instead of fixing it, why not make your very own necklace! It’s very easy! Like this ‘Love’ necklace.

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DIY, Fashion

DIY – feather shoe clips

feather shoe clips diy

I’ve got a thing for shoe clips right now. It’s so easy to give your shoes a complete new look with these clips, I just love them! Today I’ve got a new shoe clip DIY for you. This one has, just like the last one, ear ring clips attached to it. The feathers are from recycled shuttles cocks!

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DIY, Fashion