10 great apple pie recipes

great apple pie recipe

I really like apple pie. It’s so easy to make and it tastes great! Besides that: almost everyone likes apple pie, what makes it perfect for parties. At the moment I don’t have a great oven, so I can’t bake apple pie. Today I want to give you some apple pie inspiration. When I have an oven again I will definitely bake my own apple pie and share my recipe with you!

Read my top 10 of great apple pie recipes after the jump. . .

great apple pie recipe 1

This deep dish apple pie is made with Calvados! It looks and sounds delicious. I really have to try this one in the future. Find the recipe of this apple pie on Graces Sweet Life.

great apple pie recipe 2

How about mini roasted apple pie in a mug? That’s an apple pie for just one person! I must say: it looks really cute! Find the recipe of this apple pie in a mug at Babble.

great apple pie recipe 3

How about Apple pie bars? I really like this idea! You can find the recipe on My Baking Addiction.

great apple pie recipe 4

You could make deep fried apple pie to. This is a recipe I could make. Even now I don’t have an oven! At Art of Dessert you can find exactly how to make this apple pie.

great apple pie recipe 5

This miniature apple pie puffs with homemade caramel sauce look delicious. Would be a great snack or dessert at a party! Find the recipe at Snixy Kitchen.

great apple pie recipe 6

I love this idea for caramel apple pie cupcakes. You can find the recipe at The Craving Chronicles.

great apple pie recipe 7

This recipe is for those who can’t eat gluten. A gluten free apple pie parfait recipe. But hey, you don’t need to be allergic to eat this delicious dessert! Find the recipe of this apple pie parfait at Simply Gluten Free.

great apple pie recipe 8

These inside out apple pies are looking really cute. I really like the idea of an apple pie inside an apple. The recipe is from Tiny Urban Kitchen.

great apple pie recipe 9

Offcourse I have to share a Dutch apple pie with you. This is how we bake apple pie in the Netherlands! You can find the recipe on My Worldwide Culinary Adventure.

great apple pie recipe 10

Last but not least; my apple pie smoothie. Oké, not really an apple pie, but it tastes like one! You can find the recipe here.

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