Recipe – Healthy chocolate mousse (Paleo and vegan)

Recipe - Healthy chocolate mousse (Paleo)

When I started the Paleo diet I knew there where things that I love but I couldn’t eat anymore. I’ve always loved desserts, but most of them contain dairy, gluten or sugar. OK, let’s be honest here, most contain all of those things or at least two of them. My favorite chocolate mousse before Paleo for instance has dairy and sugar as ingredients. Not good. Lucky for me I have a recipe for an even better chocolate mousse. A healthy chocolate mousse to be precise. And really: It’s absolutely to die for!

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DIY – Bracelet from leather belt

DIY - Bracelet from a recycled belt

DIY - Bracelet from a recycled belt

Some of my favorite thrift store items are belts. They can be amazing in detail and just perfect as it is, or they can be a base for an amazing DIY project. Especially when the ends (where the holes are) are worn out or maybe even broken. This bracelet is made with such a broken belt. A really great recycling project!

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DIY – Painted cutting board

DIY - Painted cutting boardDIY - Painted cutting board

I love to serve food on cutting boards. It just looks so rustic and pure. So effortless, but so pretty at the same time. Or, as my boyfriend would say, very ‘Jamie Oliver’. I do love a good ‘plain’ cutting board for this purpose, but sometimes a girl needs a little more than that. Not all food is pretty on it’s own, you know. So today I have a painted cutting board / serving tray DIY for you that will make any food item look amazing.

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This weeks favorites #2

This weeks favorites

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  1. This dress is just amazing. I love the colors and the sleeves are just stunning.
  2. Can you believe that this oven is build for just 135 Dollar? I would love to build one in our garden some day. The idea of using a yoga ball for the shape is just brilliant!
  3. I love buffalo skulls and I would love to have one of these for my home;
  4. This would be a great DIY project!
  5. Did I ever tell you that I love elephants? These bookends are just to0 cute.
  6. These cookies look delicious and I can’t wait to try them.