This weeks favorites #2

This weeks favorites

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  1. This dress is just amazing. I love the colors and the sleeves are just stunning.
  2. Can you believe that this oven is build for just 135 Dollar? I would love to build one in our garden some day. The idea of using a yoga ball for the shape is just brilliant!
  3. I love buffalo skulls and I would love to have one of these for my home;
  4. This would be a great DIY project!
  5. Did I ever tell you that I love elephants? These bookends are just to0 cute.
  6. These cookies look delicious and I can’t wait to try them.

Pretty bohemian tents

pretty bohemian tents

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I know it’s getting colder and a tent in the garden may not be the best idea this time of year. But what about a tent for inside your home? A little indoor romantic getaway, meditation spot or just as a play tent for the kids. This summer we made a really pretty tipi in our backyard. I love how it looked but it’s to big for inside. So I would love to create another tent for inside. Today I have some inspiration to share with you! Read More »

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DIY – Boot jewelry

Boho boot belt diy

I found them at the shoe store a little while ago: boot jewelry. I instantly fall in love with them. Until I saw the price… So I left without those pretty things (sad face). But I thought this would be a great DIY. Besides, why should you buy them if you can make them, a lot cheaper, yourself?

Boho boot belt diy

What I really like about these belts / jewelry is that you can give a basic boot a complete new look. You could create more than one style, so you can change the look of your boots daily without buying new ones. They are a lot of fun to make, so make as many as you like! What more do you want?

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This week’s favorites #1

This week's favorites

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  1. My biggest crush this week must be this headboard. It’s so perfect! The duvet cover is also very pretty, but that wood carved headboard is just breathtakingly stunning. I now need one for my bedroom!
  2. These shoes are on my wish list. I love the fringe and look at that color!
  3. These knobs make every cabinet look amazing.
  4. I love maxi dresses and there is something about this one that makes me really, really want to wear it.
  5. Love this skirt. I have just the shoes to go with it.
  6. I really wanted to go to a warm and sunny country this summer. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen. But if I would go, I would love to wear this bikini top.