Recipe – Coconut and almond cookies (Paleo)

Recipe - Almond and coconut cookies (Paleo)

These cookies are delicious and healthy. They are not crunchy like a regular wheat cookie, but they are a lot healthier. Although I eat Paleo I love to have a cookie now and then, and these are great for those moments. And the chocolate on top makes them even more delicious.

Learn how to make these Paleo coconut and almond cookies after the jump. . .

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DIY – Crescent moon necklace

DIY - Crescent moon necklace

I love how this speckled crescent moon necklace turned out. I made it with black pepper! How amazing is that? This necklace is simple but elegant. A pretty boho statement piece.

Learn how to make this DIY crescent moon necklace after the jump. . .

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DIY – Teacup cactus planter

DIY - Teacup cactus planterI absolutely adore vintage teacups. They are just so cute. The only problem is: I like my tea in mugs. I mean: how much tea fits into these small teacups? Luckily there are more uses for these cute little teacups than just drinking tea. You could make these cute little teacup cactus planters for instance! Read More »

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What I wore – Black and white

What I wore - Pretty by the pond

Skirt: Vero Moda
Necklaces: Forever21 and Ebay
Top: H&M
Hat: H&M
Shoes: Blue Box


When I found this skirt I knew I had to have it. I must admit that when I bought it, it was a little too small, but now it fits perfectly. I really love how the top of this outfit is a little see trough. I pair it with some great necklaces and I’m good to go!

What I wore - Pretty by the pond What I wore - Pretty by the pond

What I wore