Shopping for plants

plant shopping

Today I went shopping for some plants for the bedroom. I love to have some plants there, it makes it so much more alive! I also wanted some small colorful cactus. I found everything and I am so happy with how everything looks in my home! It’s coming more and more together.

plant shoppingplant shopping

I never was able to keep plants alive, but lately I’m doing much better. I still like to buy plants who don’t mind it when I forget them though… Do you have a lot of plants in your home? XO Wilma


Loving this Sunday

Loving this Sunday

I found so many great things this week! We are really busy decorating our home at the moment and I feel so inspired by all of those amazing colorful vintage things that I see everywhere. I need that for my home! And look at that caravan… Isn’t that cute or what?

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Love this

Scones with strawberries and 'clotted cream'

Scones with strawberries and 'clotted cream'Scones with strawberries and 'clotted cream'

We have a little tradition here in our house. Since my boyfriend is taking night shifts I wake him up with breakfast in bed. He loves it and I love to do something for him. I wanted to do something special today so I made him scones with strawberries and my version of clotted cream. I can’t get the real deal around here but this alternative is absolutely delicious!

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Love this: Maxi Dresses!

I love maxi dresses

1. Quite an Impressionist Dress / 2. Kaleidoscope of Vision Dress / 3. Adore a Borealis Dress / 4. Get in the Groove Dress

I’m in love with maxi dresses at the moment. They are just perfect to show of my growing baby belly plus they are super comfortable. I just bought a simple black and white striped one and now I’m looking for more. When I saw these amazing dresses from Modcloth I just had to share them with you. They are all so happy and colorful! Where do you shop for maxi dresses? Let me know! XO Wilma

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