Love this: Maxi Dresses!

I love maxi dresses

1. Quite an Impressionist Dress / 2. Kaleidoscope of Vision Dress / 3. Adore a Borealis Dress / 4. Get in the Groove Dress

I’m in love with maxi dresses at the moment. They are just perfect to show of my growing baby belly plus they are super comfortable. I just bought a simple black and white striped one and now I’m looking for more. When I saw these amazing dresses from Modcloth I just had to share them with you. They are all so happy and colorful! Where do you shop for maxi dresses? Let me know! XO Wilma

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10 downsides of buying second hand (or how to make thrift shopping a success)

10 downsides of buying second hand (or how to make thrift shopping a success)

You may know that I love to buy most of my stuff second hand. I love doing that. When you buy something second hand you pay so much less than when you buy things new. I also love the fact that items  had a previous life and that they show some character. An item you buy second hand is even  more unique than a store bought one. But there are downsides about buying everything second hand. I still don’t think they are as big as the cons but they are there and they are really  important to take in to consideration. Plus if you know about the downsides you are more likely to make thrift shopping a success!

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DIY – Cress cups with a face

cute cress cups with a face diy

Cress is a lovely herb that tastes great on a sandwich with cheese or cream cheese. It’s also a herb that is really easy to grow at home. Within days you can harvest from your own little window garden. When I found these little sake cups at the thrift store I immediately saw some great looking cress planters in them. Because what looks better then a cute little face with some green hair? This is also a great little project to do with kids. The growing of the seeds doesn’t take much patients!

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Our vegetable garden is growing!

Our vegetable garden is growing!Our vegetable garden is growing!

I love how our vegetable garden is growing lately. Some of the herbs we had last year are still going strong. Others are growing again as a surprise. We also bought some new plants and we planted some seeds. It’s mostly herbs, like chive, parsley and mint and lettuce. We also have radish, garlic, beets and tomatoes. Everything is in pots now because the garden is far from finished at the moment. But next year I want to try square foot gardening. Has anyone tried that? Love to hear how that turned out for you! XO Wilma