Our vegetable garden is growing!

Our vegetable garden is growing!Our vegetable garden is growing!

I love how our vegetable garden is growing lately. Some of the herbs we had last year are still going strong. Others are growing again as a surprise. We also bought some new plants and we planted some seeds. It’s mostly herbs, like chive, parsley and mint and lettuce. We also have radish, garlic, beets and tomatoes. Everything is in pots now because the garden is far from finished at the moment. But next year I want to try square foot gardening. Has anyone tried that? Love to hear how that turned out for you! XO Wilma


DIY – Jersey baby pants!

jersey baby pants diy

Now that I have a little more energy I am starting to finally make things for our little one. This is the part of pregnancy that I was most looking forward to. I love to make things for the baby. It’s great to have something in your hands that is going be used later for or by the baby. These cute baby pants from jersey fabric are one of the first things I have made. Aren’t they cute?

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Latest thrift store finds!

thrift store finds

I know I haven’t been updating the blog lately. But I have some great things for you in the next couple of weeks. Today I want to share some of my latest thrift store finds with you. Yes there are always new thrift store treasures to share! I went to the thrift store for some craft supplies they would keep for me. But it wasn’t what I was looking for. Instead I bought a few other small items.

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Skirt day is coming!

skirt day


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Today it’s rainy and dark outside. But it won’t be long before the weather really gets better. Skirt day is coming! I can’t wait, I love skirts! I hope I will still fit some of my skirts with my belly growing and all. But here are for you some of my favorite skirts for skirt day. Number 4, the twirling to town skirt is my absolute favorite. What is your favorite skirt? XO Wilma