Loving this Sunday

loving this sunday

It was a lovely week this week. My boyfriend finally got the guitar he always wanted (he is SO HAPPY) and I have my face back. That sounds strange, I know. But that tube that I had for more than 5 months in my nose? It’s gone! I’m so happy! Of course I’m also sharing some great links with you this week. Hope you like it! XO Wilma

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Love this

Summer style in yellow

summer style in yellow

If summer has a color it must be yellow. It’s the most sunny color and I love how bright it is. Unfortunately I have a very pale skin, so a yellow dress or top would be to much for me. But yellow accessories are absolutely no problem! This dress would look so good on me with my big, pregnant belly. And that necklace was love at first sight! Everyting above is from ModCloth. XO Wilma


Loving this Sunday

loving this sunday


It’s Sunday again, so time for my favorites of this week. We have had a little bit of a ant problem over here, but thanks to Apartment Therapy that’s now over. Besides that I’m still inspired to bring lots of color into our home. We have a black couch so I’m constantly looking for inspirational and colorful interiors with a black leather couch in it. It’s nice to see how other people worked with it. Oh and I’m still jealous at colorful kitchenware…

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Love this

First salad from our garden!

first harvest: salad from the gardenfirst harvest: salad from the garden

This week we had our first salad from our garden. We already used some salad for bread and burgers but we never had a ‘real’ salad until now. They were growing so hard for the last couple of days that we needed to eat them now. So that’s going to be a lot of salad for the next week!

first harvest: salad from the garden

We also had radish and of course fresh herbs. I also added some feta cheese and walnuts. It really was delicious. So much better than store bought salad! I’m already thinking about what to plant next now there is room for more. XO Wilma