DIY – Nail polish painted cutlery

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Paint mismatching cutlery with nail polish and make it a set. The nail polish will give it an enamel look! @ By Wilma

As many of you already know I really like to shop at thrift stores. I like to find vintage stuff or just stuff that I would normally pay a lot of money for and now get for almost no money. But some stuff I found there just ask for some updating. Like these mismatching cutlery. I love the vintage style. The spoon looks like it’s a birthday spoon. There is a date on the back: 12-1-1942. If it was a gift at birth  than that makes this spoon over 70 years old! Love things like that. I only paid 10 Euro cents for each piece. To make it a set I have a very easy tutorial for you on how to paint the base of this cutlery with nail polish! Why nail polish you may ask? Well, it’s strong plus it gives the metal an enamel look. Love that!

Paint mismatching cutlery with nail polish and make it a set. The nail polish will give it an enamel look! @ By Wilma

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The look – Fall in black and white

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

fashion - fall in black and white

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I know, it starts to feel more and more like winter but it’s still fall! I’m not really a fan of those days that you go to your work when it’s dark and when you return… It’s dark again! It’s kind of depressing. But at least fall and winter are coming with great fashion opportunities. What about an all black and white outfit? I absolutely love the bee print on the blouse! It’s so cute.. XO Wilma


DIY – Curtain ring statement necklace

Monday, November 19, 2012

This DIY statement necklace features something you will find in (almost) every thrift store: wooden curtain rings! @By Wilma

This DIY project features something that you can find in (almost) every thrift store: wooden curtain rings. I always see a lot of them when I visit thrift stores so today I decided to finally make a project with them. This necklace is really stylish and you can make it in every possible color! Hope you like it!

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Love this Sunday

Sunday, November 18, 2012

midnight modcloth dress

I have been very, very busy lately so I didn’t have much time to blog. But today I’m back and I’m planning on some great posts for the near future! Starting with ‘Love this Sunday’. I have found some great things on the world wide web for you. Hope you love them just as much as I do.

I really like the little umbrella print on this Midnight Maniac Dress from ModCloth. It’s cute and stylish at the same time!

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