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Welcome to my blog! I'm a blogger, mommy, diy lover, small business entrepreneur, home cook and fashion lover. I hope you like my blog and please leave a message! XO Wilma

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I’m really busy at the moment thinking about what I want to do with this blog. I want it to be more inspirational. I want more recipes, more DIY and certainly more fashion. I also want to do more than one article every day and better photographs. The problem is: I only have so much time. I already have one great idea that will be a 365 day project, starting in Januari. But I would love to hear what you want too. So tell me,  what would you love to see here on By Wilma? XO Wilma

halloween mantel decoration

Oh I have found so many great Halloween stuff this past week. It got me all inspired to create things myself! In the Netherlands Halloween is not the big party that it is in the USA but more and more people are starting to love it. Next year I just have to host a great Halloween party. For now I just carve some pumpkins, make some bats and cook some Halloween style food. But inspiration is good, so this week’s loving this Sunday is all about Halloween!

First of all I wanted to show you this Halloween decorated mantel. I love mantels! I would love to have one in my home. We have a chimney, just not a mantel. But we will get there! I would love to decorate it with seasonal decorations. This one is from Candice Stringham.

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Recipe - Spooky Halloween candy. How cute are these little ghost meringues?

I saw these cute meringue ghosts in a magazine and I just had to try them. I adjusted the recipe a little but the idea is the same. Who doesn’t love some spooky Halloween candy? And aren’t they cute?

Learn how to make these cute meringue ghosts after the jump. . .  Continue reading

DIY - Halloween decoration bats!

Halloween is not big in the Netherlands. It’s winning popularity but it’s still far from the holiday that’s known in America. I am loving it more and more. So I decided to create some Halloween decorations this year. The first things I made were these cute bats. I gave these away to a friend of mine but I’m planning to make a few more. Maybe some on a stick!

Learn how to make these cute Halloween bats after the jump. . . Continue reading