May 29, 2012



Since Instagram is available for Android I have used it a lot. But now I found an app that I like even better! It’s called Streamzoo and it is available for iPhone and Android. I love the fact that you can edit the pictures, add a filter and add borders. Love it!

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Camera 360 app for Android

May 27, 2012


I love making pictures with my phone. Unfortunately my camera is not that good, so the pictures need a little work before I can work with them. Since  I bought my phone I tried a lot of different apps. The Camera 360 app is absolutely one of my favorite apps. I love the effects I am able to give to the pictures. I use it a lot in combination in combination with Instagram. You really should try it. The pictures above are some examples of the pictures I made with this app.

It works really simple. Make a picture, choose an effect and save the picture. The image saves as the original picture and as the modified one. So you always have the original.

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Today's color inspiration 05.27.2012

today's color inspiration 27

I love all things vintage. These glasses are so pretty, it’s a shame they are already sold. How cute is it that there are still name tags on the glasses? Apparently Bertha Peters ones owned them. Picture by Becaruns.

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Love this – Toys for boys

May 26, 2012

toys for boys 1

My boyfriend loves to make and listen to music. He also loves vintage stuff. So when I found these BoomCase I fell in love. How amazing is that? I think my boyfriend would absolutely love this! It makes me wonder if it is possible for me to make one my self.

See another great gift for you music-loving boyfriend after the jump. . . continue reading

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Love this – crazy but cute wallpaper!

May 24, 2012

crazy but cute wallpaper

Oh my… I just love this wallpaper. I don’t think I will use it in my home because it’s kind of crazy, but it’s really beautiful. The problem with crazy patterned wallpaper is that it may not be great for a long period of time. After a while you may want something else on your walls. But still, these digital murals from Catalina Estrada look amazing! I must say the interior pictures are also great. Look at that ceiling!

For more pictures and digital murals you can look at Catalina Estrada’s website.

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