DIY – Yarn wrapped Easter eggs

Friday, March 8, 2013

DIY - Yarn wrapped easter eggs

It’s finally time for a new DIY project on! I thought it would be nice to do my tutorial in illustrations this time. It has been a while and I thought a new start needed also a new layout. So I hope you like it!

These yarn wrapped Easter eggs are really pretty to look at and perfect for hanging in some branches. I love the look of the yarn and the endless color possibilities you have with it. I used fake eggs for this project but of course you can use real ones too. The reason why I used fake eggs is that they are a lot easier to handle than the real deal. But it’s your choice! If you want to use real eggs you can use my decoupage Easter egg tutorial from last year for the ‘blow out’ part.

Learn how to make these cute DIY yarn wrapped Easter eggs after the jump. . .


Thrift store find: lockers!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

thrift store find: lockers

I bought three of these amazing lockers today for my craft/work space. They need a little bit of love and paint but I think they will look amazing! I (read my boyfriend) is going to paint them white and we will put some shelves in them. I think they will work really well for my work space because I can also use them as memo boards! Of course I will show you the end results when they are ready.

I love them but what do you think? Aren’t they pretty? XO Wilma


Love this – Flats!

Saturday, March 2, 2013


/ 2 / 34 / 5 / 6

My body is changing a lot lately. I lost a lot of wait because of the nausea but I also got a belly that is (of course) still growing. There really is no reason for me to shop for clothes at the moment because what fits me now will not fit me later. I’m also not big enough yet for pregnancy clothes. Because of the weight loss I own a lot of clothes that still fit. I am curious about how my body will look after I give birth. It’s a strange thing that I might be a lot smaller after this pregnancy than I was before. Well, we will see. For now I will look for shoes, bags and other accessories!

Today I want to show you some of my favorite shoes for this spring. And because I’m pregnant they are all flats. I have to give my feet some rest don’t you think? My favorite is number 4. I love the color and the little holes on top! XO Wilma


Good Bye my sweet Johny

Monday, February 25, 2013


It looks like I’m only blogging about sad things lately, but I just need to share this with you. When I moved in with my boyfriend he already had a cat. I love Dime but I also wanted one of my own. So there he was, my sweet little Johny. Johny was curious and he liked everyone. I loved him, so much. But today we had to put him to sleep for good. Yesterday he got ill. He was puking and I don’t know what he has been eating but it looked strange and wasn’t something we had given him. It also contained some elastic. He was walking around like he was drunk and I was so worried. Then he came on my bed and layed on my chest. He was lying down for a little while and after that he moved to the other side of the bed. I felt like he was saying goodbye and I panicked. I called the vet and we brought him there. She said his kidneys were big and it looked like he was poisoned. Especially because he had been puking all kind of rubbish. We left him there so he could be treated. This morning we got a phone call. Johny was not doing well and they found blood in his urine. When we got there he was more dead than alive. I held his foot and with his last bit of strength he moved his head to my head. We had to put him to sleep, we could not let him suffer any more.

I can’t stop crying about him, I loved him so much. We will miss all the energy is brought to our home. We will miss his hugs and his love. I don’t know what he ate, and I will never be sure what exactly happened to him. But I feel angry. This was my sweet little Johny, the most loving cat you can imagine and now he is gone. He was just 1,5 years old..