Love this: For my dream garden

Love this: for my dream garden

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I love to have a garden. I will not show you how mine looks right now because it looks like absolute crap but next year we will definitely fix it up! I already love to look at amazing garden products. I know that I want a patio because it’s raining a lot here in the Netherlands. I also want a sun terrace, a place for our new baby to play and of course room to grow herbs and vegetables. I would love to have a outside carpet for under our patio and maybe a hanging chair. But I also adore those Acapulco chairs with the bright colors… I want to plant herbs and strawberries in pots that I will hang on our fence. These pots (number three) look amazing! I’m wondering if I can make them myself from some recycled soda bottles.. XO Wilma

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Recipe: Homemade potato chips

Recipe: homemade potato chips

I always loved to make my potato chips in the microwave, but lets be honest: nothing beets the real deal. So I thought I should try to make them in sunflower oil and see how they tasted.. Well I can honestly tell you that these are my new favorite potato chips! They taste so much better than store bought potato chips plus you can season them with whatever you like! You could try salt, pepper, Parmesan cheese, fresh herbs, paprika powder…  This time I made them with just a little sea salt. And they are absolutely amazing!

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Washi tape marathon round-up

washi tape marathon round-up: 10 washi tape crafts!

I really hope you enjoyed my washi tape marathon the last couple of weeks. Today I want to share with you the round-up from all the ideas I have shared with you. Here we go!

Day 1: DIY washi tape cocktail stick
Day 2: DIY washi tape cupcake toppers
Day 3: DIY washi tape mini bunting
Day 4: DIY washi tape notebook
Day 5: DIY washi tape planters
Day 6: DIY washi tape pen
Day 7: DIY washi tape confetti
Day 8: DIY washi tape stickers
Day 9: DIY washi tape teacups
Day 10: DIY washi tape sunglasses

I hope you enjoyed my washi tape marathon! XO Wilma

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Washi tape marathon day 10: DIY sunglasses

washi tape marathon day 10: DIY sunglasses

It’s time for the last DIY in my 10 day washi tape marathon. Today I have a quick and easy fashion item for you: washi tape sunglasses! You can give your old sunglasses a quick new look by decorating it with washi tape. Best thing: if your sick of it you can remove it and replace it with a different pattern!

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