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Welcome to my blog! I'm a blogger, mommy, diy lover, small business entrepreneur, home cook and fashion lover. I hope you like my blog and please leave a message! XO Wilma

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Baby RensBaby Rens

You might have noticed, it’s a little quiet on my blog now. But I have a good reason! Because on July 18th our son ”Rens” was born . He is super healthy and really a wonderful guy. It feels a bit unreal that something so beautiful can come out of my belly but I am so proud! And not only I, of course, Tom is also completely happy.

Baby Rens

I really love holding the little man in my arms and I enjoy our time together. The difficult pregnancy I had is still on my mind but  that difficult time was absolutely worth it. What are nine months of my life when I can give someone else a whole new one? I think I may love him even more because of that. Our sweet boy did not come easily!

Regarding this blog: Do not be afraid that I will be neglecting it. I’m going to resume with full speed and I am  planning to spend even more time on it. My perfect situation would be to work completely in home so that I can be there for Rens.  And that moment is coming, because my motivation has grown even more with the birth of that little guy! XO Wilma

banana, nectarine and strawberry smoothie recipe

Smoothies are perfect for hot summer weather. I love the taste of it plus it’s super healthy! My boyfriend made this one for me the day my water broke. We thought a few extra vitamins couldn’t be a bad thing! Of course this nectarine, banana and strawberry smoothie would be just as delicious on a regular day. ;)

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summer date outfit

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I can’t wait to wear some cute ‘normal’ clothes again! This cute summer outfit would be great for a date to the park. Together with our new baby of course! I love the flower dress. And that cuff bracelet is amazing! XO Wilma

DIY- How to make a hammered metal look cuff bracelet with household materials

As promised today a cuff bracelet DIY project. This hammered metal look cuff bracelet is super easy to make with materials you most likely already have. As a base for this bracelet I used a toilet roll that I took from a restaurant. Those are bigger and stronger than the ones you use at home.

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