Feeling spring

feeling spring

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Spring is in the air! There are flowers in my garden and I can go outside without putting my jacket on! OK, not for long, but still. I love how everything is changing and it’s strange to know there is still a change we are getting snow this year. With all the new flowers popping up I’m really in the mood for some ‘spring’ colors in my wardrobe. So today I put an outfit together that would be amazing for a spring celebration party. I love the coral color. It’s still one of my favorites. The necklace is just amazing! Love that one the most of the entire outfit. XO Wilma


About kitchen makeovers and colorful dining chairs

Love this - Colorful dining chairs

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Our kitchen is still waiting for a makeover. Our pretty 50’s stove broke and I needed a new one. I was sad about the fact that this beautiful piece of history was now broken but I also thought this might be the time to makeover the kitchen completely. I don’t like the cabinets (they are dark grey), I hate the counter top (really hard to clean metal) and the tiles are just not my taste. We also have some room left right next to the stove where we put a trolley, but it’s always a little bit of a mess because we have not enough cabinet space. I wanted a cabinet there. I thought if we needed a new stove, we could just as well do all the other things we wanted at the same time. Because if we do it later, I have to buy a stove now and later replace it for an oven and a gas cooker that we build in. Crazy right?

I’m also on the hunt for some new dining chairs. We are thinking about having colorful dining chairs like the ones you see above. Maybe all in yellow? We are thinking about painting the kitchen too, but we are not sure yet. We really love the DSW chairs. They are so pretty and classic! I absolutely love them! XO Wilma

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Thrift store find: 70's craft books with lots of Macrame!

Vintage craft books with macrame tutorials! Vintage craft books with macrame tutorials!

A few days ago I showed you a few of my favorite macrame wall art pieces on Etsy. I also told you that I would love to learn some macrame. Well, I found some great 70’s craft books at the thrift store! Oh, I love those old fashioned books…

The first book (the orange one) features LOTS of different crafts. Macrame is just one of them. But it was the first one I found and I love all the inspiration I get out of this book. I’m definitely going to look for more vintage craft books in the thrift stores from now one!

Vintage craft books with macrame tutorials! Vintage craft books with macrame tutorials! Vintage craft books with macrame tutorials!

I didn’t had the time to really read the books at the thrift store, so I just took a quick look inside and decide based on that if I took the books home or not. The second book had because of that a little surprise. It looked if halfway the book there was a complete second book about macrame. It had it’s own front page, it’s own table of contents and so on. There are many tutorials on the macrame basics plus some great projects (like the wall hanging above). I love this book the most of the two!

Don’t you just love those old fashioned pictures and crafts? XO Wilma

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DIY – Printable fox corner bookmark

DIY - Printable fox corner bookmark

I love the cuteness and color of foxes. I know, I know, they aren’t that cute in real life. But in print or fabric they are super cute. Today I want to share a cute printable fox corner bookmark with you. Perfect for children books but why not for your own books? It makes even the most boring things look cuter. Not that my book really needed it because I looooove that cacti print!

The template I designed is really easy to work with. Just cut it out and use a little bit of glue to secure it. It can’t get much easier, doesn’t it?

Get a free printable pdf file of these cute fox corner bookmark after the jump. . . Read More »

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