DIY – No sew table-mat and duct tape clutch

Monday, September 30, 2013

DIY project: duct tape and table-mat clutch.

You can get duct tape in so many great colors and prints these days that I had to make a DIY project with it. It is such an easy product to work with and it’s also super strong. I got the idea to make a clutch where you don’t need a needle and thread. Instead you use duct tape to keep everything together. It’s not only super easy it also looks very nice. The duct tape gives a fun color accent to your clutch! The base is made ​​from a table-mat.

Read on to see how to make this clutch from a table-mat and duct tape. . .


Diningroom inspiration

Sunday, September 29, 2013

diningroom inspiration

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I’m a big fan of interiors where the base is light (say white) with many colorful details in accessories and furniture. That also counts for the dining room. A little color makes a home so much more inviting! The blue of the seats on picture 4 really is one of my favorite colors, but I like the orange-red of the chairs on picture 3 too. They are totally awesome! I’m still a little in doubt about what to do with my chairs. I think the white chairs in picture 1 would also be very nice for my kitchen. Hmm … I have to think about it. Maybe I should start with giving my kitchen cabinets an update.

Besides, I really like the colorful collage of paintings on picture two. It gives the otherwise neutral room exactly the boost it needs!

What does your ideal dining room look like? XO Wilma


Love this – Musthaves for the kitchen

Saturday, September 28, 2013

musthaves for the kitchen

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I love kitchen accessories and if I come across something nice that doesn’t cost to much I rarely leaf it in the store. Resulting in a crowded kitchen with kitchen cabinets from which the content falls on the floor when you open them. Not very handy. Because of that I am organizing my kitchen, although I find it very difficult to throw things away.

Despite of my enormous collection I’m still looking for new things. The KitchenAid Artisan mixer is very high on my wish list. It is not only a super handy device, but it’s also very beautiful! And there are so many colors to choose from … A cookie jar in the shape of an owl is another wish of mine. I love owls and this jar would be super fun standing in my kitchen!

What is on your wishlist for the kitchen? XO Wilma


DIY – Fabric covered jars

Friday, September 27, 2013

DIY - Fabric covered jars

I have a whole bunch of jars with different shapes and sizes standing here without being used. I have used them in the past in the kitchen for pasta, sugar and flour. But I think it is ultimately better to have jars who look the same. I also had a pot with an advertising message on it. Not very nice to display in the kitchen. It seemed like a good idea to cover them with fabric. Now they are super cute jars who earn a spot in the kitchen!

Read on to see how you make these cute fabric covered jars. . .