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Welcome to my blog! I'm a blogger, mommy, diy lover, small business entrepreneur, home cook and fashion lover. I hope you like my blog and please leave a message! XO Wilma

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banana, nectarine and strawberry smoothie recipe

Smoothies are perfect for hot summer weather. I love the taste of it plus it’s super healthy! My boyfriend made this one for me the day my water broke. We thought a few extra vitamins couldn’t be a bad thing! Of course this nectarine, banana and strawberry smoothie would be just as delicious on a regular day. ;)

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summer date outfit

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I can’t wait to wear some cute ‘normal’ clothes again! This cute summer outfit would be great for a date to the park. Together with our new baby of course! I love the flower dress. And that cuff bracelet is amazing! XO Wilma

DIY- How to make a hammered metal look cuff bracelet with household materials

As promised today a cuff bracelet DIY project. This hammered metal look cuff bracelet is super easy to make with materials you most likely already have. As a base for this bracelet I used a toilet roll that I took from a restaurant. Those are bigger and stronger than the ones you use at home.

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cuff bracelets

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Did you know that I love cuff bracelets? They can be a really nice statement jewelry piece! I love how they look on my wrist. I don’t have very small wrists so a statement piece looks so much better then a really small bracelet. Today I want to share a few of my favorite cuff bracelets with you. Tomorrow I will do a DIY version! Hope you like it and see you tomorrow! XO Wilma