Three DIY Easter eggs

DIY Easter eggs

I love to create different Easter egg projects each year. I searched trough my archives and I found these three lovely ideas from earlier years. Of course there will be new Easter egg diy projects this year but I wanted to really get in the mood with some projects I already made.

1. This Decoupage Easter Egg diy project was made with napkins I got from my little brother when he was just five years old. He just turned 12 but I still love the print! This is my absolute favorite Easter egg diy project!

2. Someone asked me if I knew ho to decoupage a picture on an egg. Well I figured it out and made a diy tutorial out of it that you can find here.

3. These cute yarn wrapped Easter eggs are from last year.

Which one is your favorite? XO Wilma

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Love this – Nude heels

Love this: Gold and neutral heels

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I’m not able to walk on heels at the moment but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them! I love them! I have a thing for nude (and gold) heels. They make your legs look so much longer. And who doesn’t want that?

It’s getting warmer outside and the short skirts are almost ready to leave our closets. And when they finally do, they would look perfect with a pair of nude heels. XO Wilma

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DIY – Gold leaf vases or votives

Gold leaf glasses DIY project - By Wilma

I don’t no why, but I’m have a thing for gold at the moment. I love that it makes everything look fancy and chic. I experimented with gold spray paint, gold paint and of course gold leaf. So there will be more ‘golden’ DIY projects here at By Wilma! This project is made with gold leaf. You can buy gold leaf in kits like this one. If you are not planning on using it a lot, this might be the best option. When you are using it for more projects than only this one it might be cheaper to buy gold leaf and a good gold leaf adhesiveΒ separately.

Learn how to make these cute and chic DIY gold leaf vases or votives after the jump. . . Read More Β»

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Feeling spring

feeling spring

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Spring is in the air! There are flowers in my garden and I can go outside without putting my jacket on! OK, not for long, but still. I love how everything is changing and it’s strange to know there is still a change we are getting snow this year. With all the new flowers popping up I’m really in the mood for some ‘spring’ colors in my wardrobe. So today I put an outfit together that would be amazing for a spring celebration party. I love the coral color. It’s still one of my favorites. The necklace is just amazing! Love that one the most of the entire outfit. XO Wilma