DIY – Duct Tape bracelets

These cute duct tape bracelets are super easy to make. With DIY video!

I thought, I’d give my DIY project for today a little different approach. This time I have a DIY for you that is not shown in pictures but in a video. And yes, that’s the first video on By Wilma! I’ve been thinking about this for a while but wasn’t sure whether I should do it or not. But sometimes you just have to try. So today I have a DIY for duct tape bracelets for you in video!

Find the video on how to make duct tape bracelets after the jump. . .

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Recipe – Pavlova with strawberries

recipe - strawberry pavlova
recipe - strawberry pavlova

Pavlova seems a difficult dish and is therefore often avoided. But it’s quite easy to make. It’s super fun to do and your guests will be impressed with you when you serve this at your next dinner party. There are two ways to make a pavlova. The first is to make one big pavlova, the other, and that’s my favorite way, is to make mini pavlova’s. This way you do not have to cut the pavlova so everyone gets their own perfect mini pavlova!

Read on to see how to make this delicious pavlova. . .

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Recipe – Pasta with ricotta and spinach

Ricotta and spinach past recipe

Spinach and ricotta are a classic combination that is widely used for lasagna. Today I make a quick pasta dish with this combination. And really, this pasta with ricotta and spinach is sooooooo good! It tastes super creamy and the salt of the bacon and sun-dried tomatoes makes it complete. You just have to try it. I guarantee you will not regret it!

Read on to see how to make this delicious pasta with ricotta and spinach. . .

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Windowshopping at IKEA

IKEA Windowshopping favorites

I love to go window-shopping. I look at all the beauty that is for sale. In furniture stores, bookstores and cook shops. Sometimes I come home with something small, such as a vase or cake tins, but usually I buy nothing. Watching and dreaming is fun enough.

But window-shopping is not only possible in physical stores. Online can be fun too! Many stores have all their products on their websites.This is extremely useful if you do not want to go to a lot of stores looking for that one particular item. But it’s also a lot of fun! With a few clicks you know exactly what there is for sale at many stores. At most websites you can also order these products directly. Super convenient if you want to do more than just window-shopping!

One of my favorite shops for window-shopping online is IKEA. Now that they also have the option of ordering the products, it will be very tempting to order something! The delivery costs are somewhat disappointing (45 Euros for a rug of 100 Euros), so in that respect I will still be driving to the store.

You can create wish lists on the IKEA website. Above I posted my IKEA wishlist. With the absolute number one the carpet. I have seen him in a square but that’s not a perfect size for my living room. I also did not like the blue with green on one of the sides of the carpet. But this rectangle rug would be so nice in our living room! And the price is also very nice: 99.95 Euro for a rug of 2 to 3 meters. The turquoise trolley would be perfect in the kitchen, together with the chairs maybe?

What are your favorite stores to go window-shopping online? XO Wilma

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