DIY – Face planter

DIY - Face planter tutorial

As you might know after my cress cups with a face DIY project, I love planters with a face on it. I thing it just gives every plant more personality! So today I want to share this little fellow with you. His name is Bob. OK, just kidding, I don’t actually give my planters names. But isn’t he cute? And I can change his ‘haircut’ as many times as I want. He doesn’t complain! This actually is a recycling project. For the base of this face planter I used a empty can! Read More »

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Food – Hot dog buns recipe

Great recipe for hot dog buns

I love to make things at home from scratch that you would normally buy. That counts especially for fast-food. It makes it a lot less ‘fast’ but so much more delicious! And isn’t that what we all want? These hot dog buns are way better than the store bought ones. Yes, they do take more time. But I promise you: it will be worth it in the end! Read More »


DIY – Mustache men eggs for Easter

DIY - Mustach men eggs for Easter

I really like vintage or vintage style stuff. So for my Easter eggs I wanted to do something that would go perfectly with the things I already own and have on display in my home. These little mustache men eggs are loosely inspired on pictures of vintage wrestlers (like the one below). I love the mustaches!

DIY - Mustache men eggs for Easter (inspired by vintage wrestler pictures) Read More »

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Things I love

things I love

I love how great the weather is at the moment. The sun is shining (most days) and there are days that you don’t even need a jacket to be outside. Just love it! Today I want to share a few of my favorite things that I found online this past week.

1. I love all the prints of The Wheat Field, but this Ball Jar print is just stunning.

2. Can you tell I’m looking forward to the summer? This high waisted floral bandeau bikini from Bikiniboo is so pretty. I need to loose some weight but this bikini would be perfect for the summer!

3. We need to redo the garden. We didn’t really do anything to it since we moved here two years ago. It’s unpractical and just not pretty. Unfortunately all the work has to be done by my boyfriend (poor thing) because I’m not able to work in the garden at the moment. But it will be pretty! What I can do is making garden markers. A DIY is on it’s way! These garden markers made from spoons are from Pumpernickel and Wry and are absolutely stunning!

4. What I also want in my garden is raised beds with vegetables and herbs. I’m looking forward to having those for years! I found this picture of raised beds on Velvet & Linen. I love how much character it gives to a garden.

5. When I saw these hanging planters at A Beautiful Mess I fell in love instantly. The only thing is that I have no idea whatsoever where to get plastic fishbowls. Working on that one!

6. At My Attic I found this image of an office. And I love it so much! Especially that chair. I love the color accent!

Have a nice weekend! XO Wilma

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