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Welcome to my blog! I'm a blogger, mommy, diy lover, small business entrepreneur, home cook and fashion lover. I hope you like my blog and please leave a message! XO Wilma

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DIY - Simple and easy hat makeover

I love hats, but I must admit that I don’t wear them that much. So it would be a shame to spend a lot of money on one.  The downside of cheap hats is that the band around  it looks very cheap. I bought the hat in the picture  for 2.50 Euro on sale. The blue stripe is pretty fun, but it’s a synthetic band and it shows. I decided to give it a makeover by using a vintage band that I found a while back at a flea market. Now my had is a unique piece and it  looks so much better!

Read on to see how you can do an easy and fast hat makeover . . .

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Recipe - easy peasy apple pie

When we have visitors over, I always put some goodies on the table. And preferably something I made myself. Sometimes it’s easy to make something that doesn’t take too much time. This super easy apple pie is one example. The crust is made ​​with puff pastry. Puff pastry with butter to be exact. That is so much better than the normal version! But if you can not get it you can always replace it with regular puff. A super tasty recipe that takes very little preparation time!

Read on to see how to make this delicious and super easy apple pie. . .

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champignon soup with bacon recipe

When I was little, there was really only one soup that I found really nice: mushroom soup. Today I’m  happy to say I like a lot more. But I have to say I still do not really like canned soup. As with so many dishes (remember the pizza) fresh is so much better once you get used to it. I’m not going back to ready-made! So if you like to do things easily do not  make this delicious soup, because if you do you won’t like it out of a can anymore!

Read on to see how to make this creamy mushroom soup with bacon. . .

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fashion outfit orange and blue

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This week will be filled with summer days and that demands a stylish summer outfit. I love turquoise, and combined with orange makes this outfit extra summer suitable. I think the dress is really nice, but my favorite items  are surely the turquoise shoes. They would also be super cute with jeans!

What are your favorite colors for the summer? XO Wilma