DIY – Upcycled tins with lids!

Make DIY upcycled tins with lids using MDF. You will never guess where those knobs on top are made of! Make DIY upcycled tins with lids using MDF. You will never guess where those knobs on top are made of!

You have no idea how happy I am with the way this project turned out. I can’t wait to make more! It started all with the wish of having a lid for my recycled tins. I mean: that’s how they become more than just another recycling project, don’t they? The lids are also very handy when you want to use the tins for storage. So I thought about ways to make such a lid and I came up with the perfect solution for the base: MDF. But you will never guess where those knobs on top are made of! Read More »

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What inspired me this week

what inspired me this week

1. I love these wooden Polaroid displays from Sugar & Cloth. Maybe I can create something like this for regular pictures or postcards!

2. I made these this week! I substituted the espresso powder for regular coffee powder (that was what was in my cabinets), but really, these are really yummie! Thank you Joy the Baker for the recipe!

3. This recipe for salted Dulce de Leche drizzle from Paper & Stitch reminded me that I really should make some Dulce de Leche again.

4. These poppy magnets from This Heart of Mine got me thinking about a new DIY that will be soon on the blog. (No, I’m not going to tell you yet what it will be)

5. I love wall banners and when I saw this one from Pennies for a Fortune I reminded myself that I really need to make one. I think mine will have a quote though.

6. Momtastic showed us a recipe for stove potpourri. I never made one before, but I would love to try one out!

What inspired you this week? I would love to hear! XO Wilma

Random Inspiration

8 Ways to makeover a thrifted chair

8 Ways to makeover a thrifted chair

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

I love thrift stores and I love chairs. It’s crazy how many chairs I own. To many, actually. I love that you can do whatever you want whit those thrifted chairs and make them exactly how you want them to look.

We just bought another chair, a vintage baroque one that will get a nice place in the living room ones we are done with it.  But it needs a lot of work before it gets there. I never reupholstered a chair like that before, so it’s a challenge! I can’t keep the existing fabric because it’s worn out and it smells really bad.

I still would love some folding chairs with upholstery. I love how they turn out whit fresh paint and nice fresh fabric (see number 4 and 5). But I never found one at the thrift store. Maybe I will someday..

What are your favorite thrifted chairs to give a makeover? XO Wilma

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DIY – Olive oil spray bottle

DIY - Olive oil spray bottle

A while back I bought a spray bottle with olive oil. The olive oil wasn’t amazing, but I loved the way it worked. It makes it so easy to grease a dish, love it! But why not make a spray bottle with your favorite olive oil? I mean, how hard can it be?  Read More »