Etsy shop love – HRUSKAA

Etsy shop love - HRUSKAA

HRUSKAA is an Etsy shop with lovely Scandinavian inspired modern art. They have lovely hanging planters and a lot of himmeli inspired designs. I love the beads on the hanging planters. I would love to try something like that myself! I also love the big himmeli prism (below left). What is your favorite item? XO Wilma

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Recipe – Say it with fortune cookies!

Recipe - Say it with fortune cookies!

Recipe - Say it with fortune cookies!

This Valentines Day I have a surprise for my boyfriend. I booked a hotel and we are going to eat at one of our favorite restaurants. It’s not really a gift that you can hold or eat, and I kept thinking: how am I going to tell him about the surprise? And than I got it, fortune cookies! How cute is it to tell your love about a planned trip with fortune cookies?

When he got the cookies he was really surprised. Especially because it isn’t Valentines Day yet. But I needed to give them today because we are leaving tomorrow morning. He loved it! So we are going to have two beautiful days in Groningen this weekend!

Get the recipe for these fortune cookies after the jump. . . Read More »

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7 Ways to DIY a clock

7 Ways to DIY a clock

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I am in desperate need of a clock (or two) in my home. The clock in the kitchen just fell from the wall and is completely broken. I also would love a clock for my home office and maybe a new one for the living room. So some DIY clock inspiration is just what I need right now.

I love the book idea and the animal clocks are really cute! The moon clock is something that would look really good in my home and although I have nowhere to put it, the idea of the bicycle wheel clock really speaks to me like.

I really need to come up with some cool clocks myself. Anyone any ideas? XO Wilma

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