Advertorial – Firmoo glasses

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Firmoo glassesFirmoo glasses

Do you remember those times that wearing glasses was just not cool? Well that time is long gone. Glasses are the perfect accessories nowadays. Even if you don’t need them for proscription reasons, you could still wear them to make a fashion statement. is a great place to buy glasses. They have a big selection of great fashionable eyewear plus they are really cheap! The most expensive ones I saw on Firmoo where just $56. That’s pretty cheap isn’t it? When you order the glasses they ask for your prescription information. Most glasses are included in the price, but you can always get extra options. Still not convinced? Firmoo has a great First Pair Free program running. You just need to pay shipping! 

Firmoo glasses

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Supporting Tom's coffee addiction #1: Homemade Mocha Frappe

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Supporting Tom's Coffee Addiction #1: Homemade Mocha Frappe

My boyfriend Tom has one addiction: coffee. Lot’s of coffee. I have to admit he now drinks a lot less because his body didn’t really agree with all the caffeine, but he still really loves it. I don’t do coffee. I’m a tea person. But because I love my boyfriend very much I decided to make him one coffee recipe every week for one year. Starting today. We came up with a great name for this topic on my blog: “Supporting Tom’s coffee addiction”. How appropriate is that? This first homemade mocha frappe was the first thing I made for him and it was a big hit!

Find out how to make this homemade mocha frappe after the jump. . .


Recipe – Tagliatelle with salmon and avocado

Monday, December 16, 2013

Recipe - Tagliatelle with salmon and avocado

This tagliatelle recipe is a new favorite of my boyfriend. He loves avocado and the combination with salmon, chives and red peppers is amazing. Sometimes I make a variation with chicken instead of salmon. It’s a little bit cheaper but just as delicious. I buy my red peppers in bulk at the market when they are cheap and freeze them. They get a little bit softer this way, but they don’t loose taste. A perfect solution!

Learn how to make this tagliatelle with salmon and avocado after the jump. . .


DIY – Pom pom and paper straw Christmas garland

Monday, December 16, 2013

This DIY Pom pom and paper straw Christmas garland is super easy and fun to make. You could make it in any color, or multiply colors! A must for your Christmas tree! #Christmas #DIY #Garland

Yesterday I promised you a DIY with pom poms. So here it is! This pom pom and paper straw Christmas garland will look great on your Christmas tree or chimney. You could make it in any color, or multiply colors. I’m planning on making a small DIY Christmas tree and this garland will look perfect on it. Besides pom poms and paper straws I also included white bells. It makes the garland feel even more like Christmas!

Learn how to make this pretty DIY pom pom and paper straw Christmas garland after the jump. . .