Loving this Sunday

loving this sunday


It’s Sunday again, so time for my favorites of this week. We have had a little bit of a ant problem over here, but thanks to Apartment Therapy that’s now over. Besides that I’m still inspired to bring lots of color into our home. We have a black couch so I’m constantly looking for inspirational and colorful interiors with a black leather couch in it. It’s nice to see how other people worked with it. Oh and I’m still jealous at colorful kitchenware…

Read all about my favorites of this “Loving this Sunday” after the jump. . .

1. I love ciabatta bread but I have never made it myself. I found this great recipe at Girl Versus Dough and I just have to try it out!

2. These diy dinner plates are absolutely lovely. I found them on Apartment Therapy where they also linked to my cress cups! How cool is that?

3. The pops of color in this interior that I found on Design Sponge work really well with that black leather couch. Why do I never find rugs like that in the thrift store?

4. Yes, still jealous… This collection was on Apartment Therapy.

5. How cool is this cookie cutter? And there are many more cool ones at Printmeneer’s Etsy Shop! Oh, and he is Dutch.

6. This idea from Apartment Therapy worked really well for my ant problem.

7. And last but not least: how cute are these colorful gift tags? It’s a free printable from Lia Griffith. She also has some great printable wrapping paper!

Hope you liked everything! How was your week? XO Wilma

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