Why you should consider mix & match chairs

Why you should consider mix & match chairsWhy you should consider mix & match chairsSource 1 / 2

I have a love for chairs. If I find a pretty vintage chair in the thrift store I just have to bring it home. I collected a lot of them over the years. That might be why I love the look of mix & match chairs. It instantly gives a dining room more character. Everyone can go to a store and buy a perfect set of chairs, but why do that if you can mix and match chairs? I love the playful look and there are really no rules here. In my opinion there are six reasons why you should consider mix & matched chairs.

1. If you are on a budget.

Chairs can be expensive. Like really expensive. You might love those Eams chairs, but can your budget cover six of them? It might not. But what if you bought just one or two of them and mix it up with some cheaper thrift store finds? You still have those design chairs, but you don’t have to break the bank to buy a whole set. If you want you could even replace the thrifted chairs in the future for other design pieces. It’s all up to you!

If you are on a very tight budget you could also consider to buy all different chairs and paint them in the same color. It will still look really pulled together but on a very low budget. You can sometimes buy chairs in thrift stores for under $5, that’s a lot cheaper than even Ikea! Plus most of the time the quality of the chairs will be a lot better than when you buy cheap new chairs.

Why you should consider mix & match chairsWhy you should consider mix & match chairs
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2. It feels more like a home

It really does. If you have a complete set of matching chairs it will look a lot more like a showroom. Even if there is nothing in the room besides a table and a set of miss matched chairs, your room will feel like a home. You can still look for chairs that match on some points (like color or material) but a little bit of variation will make it look so much better!

3. You can start a collection (and you don’t have to choose a favorite)

Oh, how I love chairs… I absolutely love vintage chairs. But the design classics like the Eams DSW chairs are also favorite in our home. I can never choose which chair I love the most. So why not combine different chairs and make a small chair collection?

Why you should consider mix & match chairsWhy you should consider mix & match chairs
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4. It’s a collection that can easily grow when you move to a bigger home

Let’s imagine that you find the perfect chair, not a design classic but still perfect for what you want with your home. You buy four chairs and you are super happy with how it looks in your interior. But now you are moving to a bigger home and you really want a bigger dining room table. That of course means more chairs, but are you sure that same chair will still be there by that time? If you have a mix & match set you can just buy new chairs that match the other four and it will look amazing!

Why you should consider mix & match chairsWhy you should consider mix & match chairsSource 1 / 2

5. If you don’t like a style anymore you don’t have to buy a complete new set

Sometimes you love a chair for a couple of years and than suddenly, you don’t. It happens. When you have mix & match chairs you just replace the ones you don’t like anymore. You don’t have to buy a complete set.

6. It’s fun to search for second hand chairs

Flea markets, thrift stores, they are all filled with chairs. A lot of chairs. And it is so much fun to hunt for the perfect chair! Chairs often come cheaper if it’s just a single chair and not a complete set. I love searching for chairs. It’s so much fun. Plus every chair will have a story! How is that for a dinner conversation!

Do you have a mix & match chair collection? And where did you buy them? I would love to hear your thoughts! XO Wilma


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