Mirrors for a bohemian interior

bohemian mirrors

I don’t know where my fascination with mirrors comes from, but I sure love what a good mirror can do to a room. The reflection makes the room look bigger and with the right frame it can also bring a lot of character to a room. There are so many different shapes and frames for mirrors, but today I want to show you a few mirrors that would look perfect in a bohemian interior. 


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Drift wood is perfect to create a pretty frame for a mirror. It gives an earthy vibe that fits perfectly in a bohemian interior. You can use big pieces to create a large frame or go for many small pieces of drift wood and create a sunburst mirror!


wood carved bohemian mirrors

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Wood carved mirrors are a personal favorite. They look so sophisticated an full of character. They really help to give a room personality. Sometimes you can get lucky and find one in a thrift store, but they can get pretty expensive!


etnic bohemian mirrors

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Ethnic mirrors are also perfect for a bohemian interior. They may not be so easy to find but they look absolutely stunning! I love the window effect that some of these mirrors have.


Bohemian thrift store mirrors

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Thrift stores are the best for finding mirrors with special shapes. A mirror doesn’t have to be perfect to fit in a perfect bohemian interior. In fact, sometimes imperfections give the mirror a lot more character! I love the idea of hanging mirrors in groups, but just one special one alone is pretty too!


sunburst bohemian mirrors

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Sunburst and peacock mirrors are a must have for a bohemian interior. It really doesn’t get much more bohemian than this. There are a lot of different diy versions of this type of mirror and I love to create one of my own in the near future!


special shaped modern bohemian mirrors

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Both mirrors above are from Urban Outfitters. These modern shaped mirrors will also fit perfectly in a bohemian interior. A little quirky gives a room personality!

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