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black and white printable art quote prints @ ByWilmaPrintables on Etsy

You may be curious (or not) about why it was so quiet at By Wilma. Well, I was kind of busy starting up a new Etsy shop. I was already selling art prints but now I’m also selling printable art. You can buy these quote posters for just $5,- at my new Etsy shop: ByWilmaPrintables. When you buy a print you get two direct downloadable pdf files; one at A4 size and one at US Letter size. So you can choose the one you need!

color vintage printable art quote prints @ ByWilmaPrintables on Etsy

I’m really curious about your opinion on my new printable art. So please take a look at my Etsy shop and let me know! Also if you buy a print now you can use the code ByWilmaPromotion until februari 14, 2014 (maybe a valentine’s day present?) for a 20% discount!

What do you think about my new printable art? Do you like the quote prints? XO Wilma

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