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style lately

I just got this wonderful ring from Style Lately. I love the shape of this ‘Shape on Shape Ring’ (sorry couldn’t resist..). I love studs at the moment! I also have a great DIY coming with studs. As soon as I find the studs I ordered I will make it. My craft supplies have never been organised but with my pregnancy dementia I keep loosing things…

style lately

But back to Style Lately. They really have some amazing jewelry. I love the Geometric Necklace (left) above. It’s simple but really pretty. Another favorite of mine is the Mini Glam Spike Necklace. How cute is that one?

style lately

At the moment I don’t fit in any clothes, but it won’t be long before my body will (slowly) become normal again. And I can’t wait to be able to fit regular clothes again! I found some great clothes on Style Lately. Like the Black & White Peacock legging above. And how about the the Dream Top? What can I say, I’m really into everything geometric at the moment. Love that font! XO Wilma

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