DIY – Penne statement necklace

diy - penne necklace

I love to play with food. And pasta is just perfect to make crafts with. This beautiful necklace is made with penne! I wanted to make a statement piece and I think it turned out just perfect. What do you think?

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What you need

– 20 pieces of penne (plus a few more for breaking)
– paint
– a simple chain necklace
– glue gun
– cardboard
– scissors

How you make it

Paint the penne in the color of your choice. While you are waiting for the paint to dry cut the cardboard in the shape of the hangers. Put two of the penne pieces on your necklace. Now place one of the two smaller pieces of cardboard underneath it and use the glue gun to make the penne stick to the cardboard. Glue the the other four pieces of penne underneath it to finish the first hanger. Now repeat for the bigger hanger and the other smaller hanger.

That’s it. A beautiful penne statement necklace made by you!

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