DIY – Washi tape chopsticks

Friday, July 13, 2012

washi tape chopsticks

Why should you eat your noodles with plain chopsticks? It’s so easy to create cute personal chopsticks. These are great for a party or just for fun. I made them with washi tape and some cheap dollar store chopsticks

Learn how to make these cute washi tape chopsticks after the jump. . .

washi tape chopsticks

What you need for these washi tape chopsticks

– chopsticks
– washi tape
– scissors

washi tape chopsticks

How to create these cute washi tape chopsticks

Wrap the tape around the base of the chopsticks and cut off the excess. Wrap a second layer of washi tape above the first one. You can use a different color for this one. Cut of the excess. Repeat until you covered the complete base. That’s it! XO Wilma

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  • Pam
    February 25, 2013

    Super cute idea! I’m looking for new ways to use my washi tape!

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