DIY – Palmistry hand


I always wanted to have a palmistry hand. I just love the look of those hands. When I found this hand on Ebay, I knew I had my palmistry hand in the making. This hand can be used as a jewelry stand or a decoration piece. I love how it turned out. It may not be 100% accurate, but who cares? I wasn’t going for an accurate palmistry hand but for a beautiful decoration piece. And I think I it turned out perfectly!

Learn how to make a DIY palmistry hand after the jump. . .

DIY - Palmistry hand

What you need for a DIY palmistry hand



How to make a DIY palmistry hand

DIY - Palmistry hand

1. Spray paint the hand off white.


DIY - Palmistry hand

2. Use a Sharpie or something similar to draw on the lines, text and symbols. I used this one as a guide.


DIY - Palmistry hand

My palmistry hand isn’t a 100% accurate, but I don’t mind. Isn’t this a great decoration piece? It would also look lovely as a jewelry stand! Speaking of a jewelry stand, I will be telling you how to make the gold hand in a few days!

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