DIY – Mini bell jar from a broken wine glass

DIY - Mini bell jar from a broken wine glass

A few days ago I bumped over my wine glass.Thank God it was empty, so mopping wasn’t necessary. But unfortunately my glass was broken; the bottom came off. Basically I can still drink from it, but I’m not planning to hold it all night because I can’t set it down. A shame to throw away right? Okay, let’s be honest, we will not be drinking out of it anymore but it looked like a fun DIY project. A mini bell jar! A wine glass is the perfect shape for this. The mini ‘cake’ plateau I bought at the store, but you can also put the mini bell jar on the table without anything underneath. Tip: the thrift store  is filled with saucers without a cup. Perfect in size to slide under your new mini bell jar!

Read on to see how you can make a mini bell jar from a broken wine glass. . .

What do you need for this mini bell jar made of a broken wine glass

– a broken wine glass
– gluegun
– rope
– sciccors
– (if necessary) a hamer

DIY: how to make a recylced wineglass stolp

How to make a mini bell jar of a broken wine glass

1. Do not be too careful with your wine glasses. You really need a wine glass with a broken bottom for this project!

2. If you have a very long piece of stalk on your wine glass, you can use a hammer to smash a small piece off. Be careful though, because you obviously don’t want your entire glass to break. While you are gently abusing your glass, warm up your glue gun.

3. Put some glue on the remaining stalk and wrap your rope around it.

4. Make sure that the top of the stalk is covered as well and finish with a loop that you put in place with a dot of glue.

5. Well that was that, your mini bell jar is ready! Who would have thought that the breaking of a wine glass could lead to such a fun mini bell jar? XO Wilma

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