DIY – Map Wallet

February 14, 2012

diy - map wallet

This beautiful wallet is made out of a map. I made it for my boyfriend for valentines day. Of course you could make it with any paper you really like. It’s really easy to make, so let’s get started!

The full instruction continues after the jump . . .

What you need

– a map or some other pretty paper
– transparent self-adhesive foil (contact paper)
– a ruler
– a pencil
– a sewingmachine

How you make it 

Start with drawing the following rectangles on your paper:

– 20 cm x 10 cm
– 3 cm x 5 cm
– 12 cm x 10 cm
– two times 8 cm x 10 cm
– 6 cm x 10 cm
– 4 cm x 10 cm

Take the  self-adhesive foil and put it on the front and the back of your paper. Now you can cut out your pieces.

The 20×10 is the base of your wallet. On the right side you put the 5×3 in the middle, with one cm inside the wallet. Put the 12×10 over that and finish with one of the 8×10. Now sew alongside the outside of the wallet to secure it. For the left side put first one of the 8×10 down, then the 6×10 and finish with the 4×10. Sew alongside the outside of the wallet to secure. Now take your self self-adhesive velcro  and put it on the closing of the wallet and on the closing of the little pocket inside the wallet.

diy - map wallet

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30 thoughts on “DIY – Map Wallet

  1. Becky

    What is “transparent self-adhesive foil?” I’ve never heard of it. Is it similar to contact paper? This was a super amazing project. We have a huge map book of Germany that I would love to make things out of when we move back to the States in a few months.

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

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  10. Miri

    Gorgeous Idea!! I would recommmend to cut out the pieces first and put the foil on it afterwards. Then, you see better which areas need to be covered.
    But anyway, thanks a lot for sharing!!

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  12. Mark Lewis

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  19. Léa

    Hey !

    I agree, it’s wonderfully done, but I don’t think it is explained enough… I may be very stupid but I can’t do it ! i’ve got all my pieces but I don’t know what to do with them. Where should I put my 10*12 ? over what ? sawn ? Just put ? I’m sorry, I’m french and that may explain why I can’t do it, my english probably.
    I really wanted to do that for my father for Christmas, I’m so disapointed in myself !

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