DIY – Leather arrow bracelet

September 21, 2012

DIY - Leather arrow bracelet. Made from an old belt and a necklace! @By Wilma

I love the arrows you see everywhere in jewelry right now. So I thought I could make a cute little bracelet with arrows. For this project I used an old leather belt and a chain necklace I had laying around. So yes, another cute recycling project!

Learn how to make this cute leather arrow bracelet after the jump. . .

What you need for this leather arrow bracelet

– old leather belt (not to thick, you have to be able to cut it with scissors)
– chain necklace
– scissors
– Cropodile

DIY - Leather arrow bracelet. Made from an old belt and a necklace! @By Wilma

How to create this cute leather arrow bracelet

1. Search for a tin leather belt and a chain necklace
2. Cut two small rectangles out of your leather belt. Make them the size you want your arrows to be.
3. Cut arrows from the leather rectangles. I did this without a template but you can of course always make a template on paper and trace around it on the leather before you cut it.
4. Make two holes in your arrows; one on the front and one at the back. You can use your Cropodile for this.
5. Put the chain necklace trough the holes in your arrows.
6. Put your new leather arrow bracelet around your wrist. If the size is to big you can use jewelry pliers to shorten the bracelet.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY! XO Wilma

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22 thoughts on “DIY – Leather arrow bracelet

  1. 2nd Funniest Thing

    gosh!! I’m going to make it right now!! Super easy, trendy and cheap DIY, and the best: it is about recycling an old belt.. Good job!!
    Have a look to my blog if you feel like, There is a giveaway during this week :)

    DIY & unique pieces

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