DIY – How to make vinyl letter decals

April 18, 2012

diy vinyl letters how to

A lot of craft projects contain vinyl letter decals. I really like them, but I don’t want to pay a lot of money for them. I always find it very strange that the vinyl letters are quite expensive compared to the big sheets. Besides that it’s nice to be able to choose from all the free fonts the web has to offer instead of just a few basic ones. I thought I could make them myself. This really is a super easy project but with great impact!

Learn how to make vinyl letter decals after the jump. . .

What you need to make these vinyl letter decals

– sheet of adhesive vinyl in the color of your choice
– printer
– scissors

diy vinyl letters how to

How to make these DIY vinyl letter decals

Cut your vinyl in a size that is small enough for your printer. You can use the standard letter or A4 size if you like. Open paint on your computer. Choose a font in paint and spell the text for your vinyl letter decals. Use a large size for the letters. Click ‘rotate’ and then ‘flip horizontally’. Now your letters will be mirrored. Select the whole image (ctrl + a) and copy (ctrl + c). Now open Word and paste the image inside your document (ctrl + v). Right click the image and choose ‘wrap text’, ‘in front of text’. Now you will be able to move the image in your document. Scale the image and move it until your letters have the size you want and fit the paper. If they don’t fit the paper you could use more than one sheet of vinyl. Print the letters on the back of your sheet of vinyl. Cut out and your vinyl letter decals are ready to use in your next project!

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12 thoughts on “DIY – How to make vinyl letter decals

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      1. Woko

        how fun! the chandelier above my redniag chair in my bedroom would be wonderful! as would the two poodles for my mom’s house (she has poodles). what a fun giveaway .thanks for the chance!

    1. Rahaf

      Oh, wow! I love so many of these! I would never be able to decide on one: I love “All basuece two people fell in love”, “Love Makes a house a home”, “Mr & Mrs.”, “The love of family” 2 color, “How sweet it is to be loved by you”, and all the spiritual quotes! I have so many places I would love to put these!

  2. Leslie

    If you print on the back of the vinyl (the paper you remove) then there is no ink transfer to the vinyl you are using – so the vinyl would need to be the color you want, correct? The picture is a little deceiving because it looks like the letters haven’t been cut out yet, but they are black on clear vinyl – implying that the ink from the printout was somehow transferred to they vinyl.

  3. Paula

    Can you change the font properties to outline, so that so much ink isn’t wasted??? Assuming you hand cut letters, what do you use to cut them out? exacto knife? Thanks!!!

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