DIY – Gold leaf vases or votives

Gold leaf glasses DIY project - By Wilma

I don’t no why, but I’m have a thing for gold at the moment. I love that it makes everything look fancy and chic. I experimented with gold spray paint, gold paint and of course gold leaf. So there will be more ‘golden’ DIY projects here at By Wilma! This project is made with gold leaf. You can buy gold leaf in kits like this one. If you are not planning on using it a lot, this might be the best option. When you are using it for more projects than only this one it might be cheaper to buy gold leaf and a good gold leaf adhesive separately.

Learn how to make these cute and chic DIY gold leaf vases or votives after the jump. . .

DIY Gold leaf vases or votives - By Wilma

What do you need for DIY gold leaf vases or votives

– gold leaf*
gold leaf adhesive*
– brush for the adhesive
– big brush (like a powder brush) to brush off the excess gold leaf
– small glasses or votives

* You could also buy a gold leaf kit, like this one.

How to create DIY gold leaf vases or votives

Gold leaf glasses DIY project - By Wilma

1. Get all your supplies together. Make sure your glasses and your work surface are clean. You don’t want anything else than gold leaf sticking to your votives or vases.

2. Put the glue on your glasses where you want the gold leaf to go. The glue has to dry for a while. For how long depends on your glue, so make sure you read the instructions!

3. It’s time to apply the gold leaf! I found it was the easiest to apply the gold leaf directly from the paper. It’s very delicate and will break as soon as you touch it. So open you booklet or paper and put the gold leaf on your glass. Remove the paper and the gold leaf will be stuck on your glass. You can use a brush and your fingers to create a smooth surface. It doesn’t have to completely perfect! I think that’s the charm of gold leaf!

4. Brush away all the excess gold leaf and leave it to dry.

5. You’re pretty DIY gold leaf vases or votives are ready! Aren’t they pretty? I think they would really well for a centerpiece at a wedding to! XO Wilma

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