DIY – Flip flops

June 8, 2012

DIY flip flops 2

The weather is asking for new flip flops. So I thought I could make a cute pair out of cheap flip flops and some ‘t-shirt yarn’. I used store bought yarn (Zpagetti from Hoooked), but you can also make the yarn yourself from old t-shirts. You can find a tutorial on how to do this here on Youtube.

You will find a tutorial with pictures for these DIY flip flops after the jump. . .

What you need for these DIY flip flops

– ‘t-shirt yarn’, store bought or homemade
– scissors
– flip flops

DIY flip flops

How to make these DIY flip flops

1/2. Get your flip flops and remove the straps. You can do this by pushing them through the back a little and cutting the wide part off.
3.  Take 3 strands of yarn from 50 cm and make a knot at the end. Push the yarn through one of the two holes at the side of the flip flop. You can use the point of your scissors for this.
4/5.  Make a regular braid with the yarn. You can use the original strap to decide how long the braid should be. Keep in mind that the yarn stretches a lot more then the original straps.
6. Push the ends through the hole on the other side of your flip flop and make a knot at the back of the flip flop. Cut of the excess yarn.
7/8. Use one strand of yarn to make the piece between your toes. You need to make a loop over the braid you just made and push the ends through the hole between the toes. You have to make a double knot here, to make sure it will stay put. Cut of the excess yarn.
9. Decide how long you want your straps to be. You are going to braid again so you have to cut of some extra yarn for this. You need for each flip flop four strands of two times the length you want for your straps. So if you want your straps to be 50 cm, you will need four strands of a meter. Separate the braid at the bottom, as close as possible to the hole and push two strands of yarn through it until they are halfway through. Make a regular braid and make a knot at the end. Cut of the excess yarn. Repeat on the other side of the flip flop.
10. Your pretty flip flops are ready to go out!

DIY - Flip flops

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56 thoughts on “DIY – Flip flops

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  2. Leiah

    Cute! I’d like to see what they look like ON, too. And I’m wondering – do they help keep your flip flops from “flipping” so much? My flip flops seem so loud! Maybe adding extra straps would help quiet them :)

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  4. Lyndi

    this is such an awesome idea!! I was stuck with the dilema of being bored with my normal flip flops but not wanting to get rid of them because they are oh so comfortable :/ then i came across your post over the weekend & hurried up and revamped my flip flops!! Now I have comfort & style that I’m happy with :D I did add my own little twist to them though. I didn’t add the straps going around the ankles and then sewed some cute buttons on them. Thank you so much for taking your time to share your idea with everyone!!!

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  18. Mrs. Arthur Nonymous

    The knots on the bottom look very large & seem like they would be very uncomfortable. Are they? Or any suggestions on how to make the knots smaller & still be sturdy enough to wear? Thanks!

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