DIY – Fabric covered camera bag

April 26, 2012

diy fabric covered camera bag

I’ve found a great camera bag at the thrift store for only 50 Euro cents. I love the fact that it’s sturdy, not soft like my other camera bag. The only thing is: I think it’s kind of boring. It really needs a little bit of character. Besides that I’m really jelous of all the beautiful camera bags I see online. I decided to cover a part of the camera bag in fabric. I really love how it turned out!

Read how to cover your camera bag with fabric after the jump. . .

What you need for this fabric covered camera bag

– camera bag
– Mod Podge
– brush
– fabric
– scissors
– paper
– pen
Рbutter knife

diy fabric covered camera bag

How to make this fabric covered camera bag

Decide which parts of the bag you want to cover. Use the paper an the pen to make a pattern for the fabric. Cut the fabric. Put Mod Podge on the parts of the bag you want to cover with the fabric and place the fabric on top of it. Use the butter knife to tuck the fabric in on the sides and around the hardware. That’s it, you’re new diy camera bag is ready!

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