DIY – Coin ring

March 29, 2012

diy coin ring

This craft will literally cost you just a view cents. In the Netherlands we don’t use one and two Euro cent coins. Except for one store. So when you went to that store you’ve got those coins you can’t use any where else. I thought I could make a nice craft with them. This ring is made with two one cent coins and one two cent coin.

Read the full instructions for this coin ring after the jump. . .

What you need for one coin ring

diy coin ring

– two small coins (in my case two one Euro cent coins)
– one coin a little bigger then the first one (in my case a two Euro cent coin)
– nailpolish
– hot glue gun
– ring base

How to make this coin ring

Use nailpolis to color the small coins inside the border. You can leave the bigger coin untouched. I like the color of these coins and the image on it will not be that visible, but if you want to cover the coin you can use nailpolish to cover it. When the nailpolish is completely dry you can start glueing your ring together with the hot glue gun. First place the biggest coin at the ring base and glue the smaller coins on top of the first one.

And you’re coin ring is ready!

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22 thoughts on “DIY – Coin ring

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  6. Axionchick

    Love the ring! I’ve been looking for coin-jewelry projects over the past few weeks and this is the best one I’ve stumbled upon yet! Can you suggest any other materials to serve in the place of the coins? I don’t really like how big it will be on my finger (I’m more of a tame or neat person) and is nail-polish the only material I can use to cover the smaller coins?

    Thanks Again!

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